Commercial trucking in Vaughan

Commercial trucking is a crucial industry in transporting and delivering goods within our city, province and continent, with sometimes hundreds of trucks picking up and delivering goods daily in Vaughan.  Learn more about commercial trucking industry regulations, important updates and who to contact for more information or to report an issue.

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Overview of by-laws

This page aims to provide information about the relevant regulations that apply to the commercial trucking industry, important updates and who to contact for more information or to report an issue. This page contains information on the following areas:


Within the City of Vaughan, there are “Regional roads”, mainly major roads governed by York Region by-law, and municipal roads, usually the local, smaller roads, governed by City of Vaughan by-law.

Regional Roads
On Regional roads, Commercial Motor Vehicles that weigh over 5 tonnes per axle need a “Load Exemption Permit” to travel on King Vaughan Road (Y.R. 14) between Pine Valley Drive/7th Concession and Bathurst Street, and Teston Road (Y.R.49) between Pine Valley Drive (Y.R. 57) and 1,590 metres west of Weston Road (Y.R.56). Learn more on York Region's website.


Municipal roads
On municipal roads, Commercial Motor Vehicles are prohibited from travelling on roads where restriction signs are posted, except if they are making a pickup or delivery and there is no other route. If a Commercial Motor Vehicle has any axle that weighs more than 5000 kg, it shall only drive on the roads listed in Schedule “D” of the by-law, unless the vehicle has a permit, is a public vehicle, or is a two-axle tank-truck or two-axle truck.

Excerpt from the Traffic By-law: Schedule “D” –  Part 1 – Load Restrictions 
Axle Load weight restrictions do not apply to these roadways.      
Visit the By-law Library to see the complete by-law.



Administration Road

Keele Street to west limit

Alex Avenue

Strada Drive to Rowntree Dairy Road

Alness Street

Steeles Avenue and Viceroy Road

Atkinson Avenue

Clark Avenue to north limit

Basaltic Road

Planchett Road to north limit

Bowes Road

Keele Street and Highway #7

Bradwick Drive

West of North Rivermede Road

Bradwick Drive

West to North Rivermede Road

Centre Street

Bathurst Street to Atkinson Avenue

Clark Avenue

Yonge Street and Dufferin Street

Connie Crescent

Langstaff Road east to North Rivermede Road

Costa Road

Highway #7 and Freshway Drive

Creditstone Road

Peelar Road to north limit

Doney Crescent

Keele Street to north limit

Doughton Road

Jane Street and Costa Road

Freshway Drive

Creditstone Road to east limit

Futurity Gate

Steeles Avenue and Viceroy Road

Gaudaur Road

Steeles Avenue and Hanlan Road

Haist Avenue

Rowntree Dairy Road to Marycroft Avenue

Hanlan Road

Pine Valley Drive and Pearce Road

Hilda Avenue

Steeles Avenue to Clark Avenue

Jardin Drive

Keele Street to easterly limit

Killaloe Road

Costa Road to east limit

Kipling Avenue

Highway #7 and Woodbridge Avenue

Langstaff Road

Jane Street to C.N. Yard

Malmo Court

Rodinea Road to west limit

Maplecrete Road

Peelar Road and Highway #7

Martin Grove Road

Steeles Avenue and Highway #7

McDonald Street

Keele Street to south limit

McLeary Court

Creditstone Road to east limit

McNaughton Road

Major Mackenzie Drive to Keele Street

New Westminster Drive

Steeles Avenue to Clark Avenue

North Rivermede Road

Langstaff Road to Highway #7

Oster Lane

Rayette Road and Bowes Road

Pearce Road

Steeles Avenue and Hanlan Road

Peelar Road

Jane Street and Creditstone Road

Planchet Road

Langstaff Road to north limit

Railway Street

Keele Street and Simcoe Street

Rayette Road

Bowes Road and south limit

Rivermede Road

Keele Street and Highway #7

Rivermede Road

Keele Street to Highway #7

Rodinea Road

Teston Road to south limit

Rowntree Dairy Road

West of Marycroft Avenue

Scholes Road

Steeles Avenue and Hanlan Road

Snidercroft Road

Keele street to north limit

Strada Drive

Pine Valley Drive to Trowers Road

Teston Road

Keele Street east to landfill site

Viceroy Road

Alness Road and Futurity Gate



Section 4.4 of Zoning By-law 001-2021, as amended, defines where commercial vehicles and commercial motor vehicles can park in Vaughan. The following is a summary of those rules.  If you have any questions about the Zoning By-law, contact Zoning staff at
Commercial Motor Vehicles in all zones
Commercial Motor Vehicles cannot be parked or stored on vacant lots.  
Commercial Motor Vehicles in non-residential zones 
Commercial Motor Vehicles can be parked at distribution facilities or transportation terminals. 
Commercial Motor Vehicles in residential zones  
One Commercial Motor Vehicle may be parked in a residential zone, as long as:

  • the vehicle is parked in a private garage or on a driveway.
  • the vehicle does not exceed a maximum length of 6.0 metres and a maximum height of 2.3 metres, including any attached equipment or accessories. 
  • the vehicle does not occupy or obstruct any of the parking spaces required for the residential uses on the property. For example, if the Zoning By-law requires three parking spaces for a dwelling, and a residential property contains four parking spaces (two on the driveway and two in the garage), the fourth may be used to park a commercial motor vehicle. 

Outside storage and Commercial Motor Vehicles  

Where outside storage is allowed as an accessory use and complies with the provisions of Section 5.13 of the Zoning By-law, a Commercial Motor Vehicle may be parked within the designated outside storage area.


The City is aware of unlawful uses of agricultural land to operate trucking companies and store trucks, trailers and other materials. The City is working with these property owners and businesses to bring these properties into compliance and is also continuing to use  available enforcement options to address these issues. 


To report an issue, email or call Service Vaughan at 905-832-2281.


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