License # 3311090 - The City of Vaughan owns and operates various cemeteries within city borders, many of which are pioneer cemeteries dating back to the early 1800’s. To meet the needs of families, the City of Vaughan offers a full range of interment choices for ground and cremation burials. All entombments are carried out in a professional, orderly and respectful manner.

Cemetery By-law 144-2022 
The City’s original cemetery by-law was enacted in 1992. In June 2022, Council endorsed a revised by-law – Cemetery By-law 144-2022 (PDF) – to ensure the City, as a cemetery operator, meets the current regulations under the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002 (FBCSA). In July 2022, the City submitted Cemetery By-law 144-2022 to the registrar of the FBCSA for approval.

For information on City cemeteries, plots and internments, contact Service Vaughan at 905-832-2281 or email cemeteries@vaughan.ca


Cemetery Rates (as of Jan. 1, 2023)

Purchase of Interment RightsVaughan Resident or Non-Resident202413 per cent HSTTotal Price
Single LotVaughan Resident$2,945.77$382.95$3,328.72
Single LotNon-Resident$3,976.79$516.98$4,493.77
Cremation LotVaughan Resident$1,169.09$151.98$1,321.07
Cremation LotNon-Resident$1,578.27$205.18$1,783.45
Cremation Lot Maple (Wall)Vaughan Resident$2,000.00$260.00$2,260.00
Cremation Lot Maple (Wall)Non-Resident$2,700.00$351.00$3,051.00
Corner Markers (Set of 4)Vaughan Resident$432.95$56.28$489.23
Corner Markers (Set of 4)Non-Resident$584.48$75.98$660.46
Transfer of Interment RightsVaughan Resident or Non-resident202413 per cent HSTTotal Price
Transfer CertificateVaughan Resident$43.66$5.68$49.34
Transfer CertificateNon-Resident$58.94$7.66$66.60
IntermentsVaughan resident or Non-resident202413 per cent HSTTotal price
Adult Single GraveVaughan Resident$1,475.91$191.87$1,667.78
Adult Single GraveNon-Resident$1,992.48$259.02$2,251.50
Child Single GraveVaughan Resident$1,475.91$191.87$1667.78
Child Single GraveNon-Resident$1,992.48$259.02$2,251.50
Infant Single GraveVaughan Resident$508.15$66.06$574.21
Infant Single GraveNon-Resident$577.43$75.06$652.49
Extra BoardsVaughan Resident$51.82$6.74$58.56
Extra BoardsNon-Resident$64.77$8.42$73.19
Grass/Lowering Device for CasketsVaughan Resident$99.9913.00$112.99
Grass/Lowering Device for CasketsNon-Resident$149.99$19.50$169.49
CremationVaughan Resident$577.50$75.08$652.58
Winter Interment Fee (December 1st - April 30th)Vaughan Resident$200.00$26.00$226.00
Winter Interment Fee (December 1st - April 30th)Non-Resident$270.00$35.10$305.10
Weekend Surcharge (Min. 3 Hours)Vaughan Resident$155.45 /Hr$20.20$526.98
Weekend Surcharge (Min. 3 Hours)Non-Resident$194.32 /Hr$25.26$658.75
Weekday for Funerals Arriving After 2:30pm (1 Hour Only)Vaughan Resident$155.45 /Hr$20.21$175.66
Weekday for Funerals Arriving After 2:30pm (1 Hour Only)Non-Resident$194.32 /Hr$25.26$219.58
All Social Services burials shall be subject to the same charges as outlined above. ***** $1,300.00$169.00$1,469.00
Markers and Monuments (setting, care and maintenance)202413 per cent HSTTotal Price
Flat marker measuring less than 1,116.13 centimetres (173 square inches) (16x10)Not ApplicableNot ApplicableNot Applicable
Flat marker measuring at least 1.116.23 centimetres or more$100.00$13.00$113.00
Upright marker measuring 1.22 metres (four feet) or less in height and 1.22 metres (four feet) or less in length, including the base$200.00$26.00$226.00
Upright marker measuring more than 1.22 metres (four feet) in either height or length, including the base$400.00$52.00$452.00

Please Note: 50 per cent of the total amount is set aside for care and maintenance for lots purchased and 100 per cent of the total amount is set aside for care/maintenance for markers and monuments. 

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