Household Hazardous Waste, Electronic Waste and Batteries

A pile of household hazardous, electronic and battery waste.

What is Household Hazardous Waste?

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) can be found in every home and includes items that are corrosive, flammable, explosive or poisonous. Examples include batteries, cleaners, medications, needles, paints, motor oil, chemicals, grease, fertilizers and more. These items are not collected with your household waste.


Hazardous material must be disposed of safely and never placed in the garbage, poured down the drain, toilet, sink or outdoor sewer grate.


Electronic waste like broken cellphones, laptops and printers also contain hazardous materials and should never be thrown in the garbage.


Improper disposal of HHW has negative effects on our environment and can be harmful to humans and animals.


Proper disposal options

  • York Region Community Environmental Centre at 130 McCleary Court (limits and fees apply).
  • For a full list of Waste Depot locations and hours of operation, please visit


Not sure if your item is considered hazardous or e-waste? Use the What Goes Where? waste sorting tool to find out where and how to properly dispose of an item


Hazardous Waste examples of a printer, cellphones, paint can spilled.