Understanding the Strategic Plan

The 2022-2026 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan is guided by the City’s vision, mission and values.

Strategic Plan booklet cover and plan


A city of choice that promotes diversity, innovation and opportunity for all citizens, fostering a vibrant community life that is inclusive, progressive, environmentally responsible and sustainable.


Citizens first through Service Excellence.


Respect, Accountability and Dedication.

The Strategic Plan is divided into seven strategic priority areas:

  • Transportation and Mobility

  • City Building

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Active, Engaged and Inclusive Communities

  • Community Safety and Well-being

  • Economic Prosperity and Job Creation

  • Service Excellence and Accountability


All the priorities work in unison to drive the City of Vaughan into the future championing Service Excellence.


A number of factors shaped the plan: 

Contact Information

Office of Transformation and Strategy

Vaughan City Hall, Level 400
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