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Our Function

The Building Standards department issues permits for the construction, renovation, demolition and change of use of buildings. It also issues permits for the installation, alteration, extension or repair of onsite sewage systems, plumbing systems and mechanical systems such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).


Through reviewing, issuing and inspections of building permits, the City of Vaughan can ensure buildings are safe and that they meet the Ontario Building Code, the City’s Zoning By-law, and other planning controls and laws.


The Building Standards team has been committed to providing building services to the Vaughan community through digital means, via our Online Permitting Portal and our Online Servicing Portal.


*Note the legal "Applicant" for the building permit is the registered online portal user submitting the building permit application.

Building Standards Information


Enacted by City Council on October 20, 2021

Please note that by-law 001-2021 is under appeal to the Ontario Land Tribunal. As a result, zoning by-law 1-88, as amended, is still in effect and applicable to all the City of Vaughan. Building Code and Planning applications, that are not transitioned under 001-2021, are subject to compliance with both zoning by-laws while 001-2021 is under appeal.


For Zoning Certificates, Municipal Licences and Clearances please submit via the portal link below:

Online Services Portal

Applicant User Manual click here

*When applying for a Municipal Licence and an AGCO clearance is required, please apply for a Liquor Licence only.


*Applications may be subject to development charges.

Contact the Financial Planning and Development Finance Department for additional information.

Do you know what you need for your building permit submission?
In order to make a Building Permit application, all mandatory documents MUST be uploaded to the Online Permitting Portal (see below)

*Agents must submit the Building Permit Applicant Authorization Form with ALL permit applications
Applicant Manual - click here
Mandatory Building Permit
Application Documents - 
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Please refer to the links below for more information:


Industrial, Commercial, Institutional (ICI)


Plumbing, HVAC, Septic, Tents


Online Permitting Portal
When uploading your supporting documents to the portal, please ensure you save your documents using the:

File Naming Convention - click here

Need help navigating the Online Permitting Portal?

Applicant User Manual - click here


*Certified Models

Information Guide (PDF)

Certified Model Application Form (PDF)


*The Ontario Building Code will be making changes to various sections of the code, these changes will affect Part 9 plans review for construction. Therefore, all certified models approved prior to January 1, 2022 will no longer comply to the proposed changes. A new application will be required to certify models reflecting the newly proposed changes.


Building Permits ready to be Issued

  • If there are no fees or financial obligations that are outstanding, permits including plans and specifications will be mailed (if appropriate) or other arrangements will be made. Building Standards will contact the applicant to discuss further.
  • If there are fees or financial obligations outstanding, Building Standards will convey the outstanding amount. Payment via cheque, certified cheque or money order can be sent through the courier or regular mail, along with payment to:


Vaughan City Hall, Building Standards Department
2141 Major Mackenzie Drive
Vaughan, Ontario
L6A 1T1


​​​Compliance is accepted via the City of Vaughan Online Permitting Portal*

Online Permitting Portal


Applicant User Manual - click here


​ Requests are to be submitted via the

Online Permitting Portal

Applicant User Manual - click here

*Agents must submit the Authorization - Request for Information Form with ALL requests

​Contact a Client Services Specialist
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