Policy Planning and Special Programs

The Policy Planning team within the Policy Planning and Environmental Sustainability Department promotes the creation of quality communities in the City of Vaughan by providing Council with Planning Act based policy tools to guide the growth and physical development of the City.

An aerial view of Vaughan.

To develop these policies, the Policy Planning team undertakes small to large-scale planning studies, which may vary in size from an individual site to the entire city. The Studies are based on comprehensive professional analysis, consideration of corporate objectives, interdisciplinary and intergovernmental input and visioning involving extensive public outreach and consultation.

The policies and guidelines are prepared in consideration of the principles of sustainability including strong communities, a healthy natural environment and economic vitality; with the objective of achieving complete viable communities, which are designed to meet people's needs for daily living throughout a lifetime. The department provides a significant public service by facilitating citizen input into the planning process and by providing needed information to the public by way of public meetings, reports, workshops, counter and telephone inquiries, written correspondence and web content. Through this process, the interests of the City, the broader public and property owners are balanced in the pursuit of good planning.


The policy planning documents are prepared through this process and are implemented by the City’s Development Planning Department. For a list of projects and studies please click here.

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Policy Planning and Special Programs

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