Got questions about curb boxes?

a curb box

The City has the answers!


Whether you’re renovating your driveway or landscaping your front yard, you may be wondering what to do with the curb box on your property. The City of Vaughan has all the answers to your curb box questions below!


Q: What is a curb box?

A: A curb box – also known as the water service valve – is a round metal plate, approximately 10 centimetres in diameter, and is located on your front lawn, driveway or sidewalk. It’s owned and operated by the City and controls the water running to a home or building from the City’s watermain – in addition to the water service valve you have inside your home.


Q: Who is responsible for maintaining the curb box?

A: The water distribution system is a shared responsibility between the City and the homeowner:

  • The City is responsible for the public portion of the system, running from the watermain to the municipal property line.
  • Beyond the property line is the private portion of the system and is the homeowner's responsibility.  


Q: Do I have to pay for a curb box repair?

A: No. If a curb box requires repair, please submit a request online through Service Vaughan. There is no cost to you for this work.


Q: I’m redoing my driveway – do I need a curb box inspection before I start?

A: The curb box on or adjacent to your property must be accessible at all times. If you are paving, resurfacing, excavating or landscaping your driveway or front lawn, never tamper with or cover a curb box. Before you start any work, arrange a free curb box inspection from the City a minimum of two weeks in advance. Getting an inspection helps ensure the curb box remains operational and undamaged, and potentially avoids additional costs associated with repairs. You can submit a request online through Service Vaughan, by calling 905-832-2281 or emailing


Q: How do I request a water shut-off?

A: You can request to turn the City’s water supply on or off to complete repairs or renovate your home or building. Submit a non-emergency request online four to six weeks before the shut-off or turn-on is required.


Keep in mind, private contractors are prohibited from operating curb boxes under the Water By-law 106-2022 (PDF). If a curb box is damaged due to outside contractors, the City will repair it and back-charge the property owner.


Q: Can I relocate a curb box on my property?

A: The City does not relocate curb boxes. If a curb box must be moved due to a renovation or rebuild, a new water service connection is needed. An application can be made online for a residential service connection request


Q: What do I do if my curb box is too high?

A: If a curb box needs to be lowered, please submit a request online through Service Vaughan.


Q: Who do I contact if there’s a watermain leak or burst pipe?

A: If you see water ponding or flooding on roads or sidewalks that is unlikely to be caused by wet weather, seasonal outdoor watering, blocked catch basins or sprinklers, it may be due to a watermain break. Please contact Service Vaughan immediately by phone at 905-832-2281 and provide the exact location and any other details you know when reporting.


To learn more about curb boxes, visit the City’s Water Shut Off and Turn On webpage. For more information on the City's water services, visit


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