Financial Services

Provides corporate financial management, accounting services, financial reporting and provides for property tax billing, collection and assessment services under the jurisdiction of various provincial statutes. Water and Wastewater/Stormwater financial reporting, residential & commercial water consumption analysis, Ministry of the Environment regulatory reporting and water billing data sharing projects with the Regional Municipality of York is also provided through this area.

Accounting Services:


  • Prepares annual audited Consolidated Financial Statements and, Schedules and annual Provincial Financial Information Returns including MPMP
  • Produces departmental and corporate financial management reports
  • Processes and issues payments for the City's operating, capital and statutory liabilities
  • Ensures that the City's purchases and expenses are accurately recorded in the automated financial systems and that these expenditures are paid on a timely basis
  • Ensures that the City's miscellaneous charges are billed, recorded and collected on a timely basis


Property Tax and Assessment:


  • Prepares and issues property tax bills to over 116,000 Residential, Commercial and Industrial property owners under the jurisdiction of the Municipal and Assessment Acts
  • Provides for property tax collection and maintains the property assessment and tax database
  • Provides for the timely resolution of tax adjustments from the Assessment Review Board and tax appeal applications under the Municipal Act
  • Monitors and reviews the City’s property assessment data from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)


Water, Wastewater and Stormwater:


  • Co-ordinates and develops the water, wastewater and stormwater annual budgets
  • Establishes the water and wastewater user rates and the stormwater charge
  • Reports financial operating results and unmetered / non-revenue water information bi-monthly
  • Liaises with the City’s billing agent, Alectra Utilities, on billing and collection policy and customer issues
  • Ministry of the Environment regulatory reporting under Ontario’s Water Taking Regulation (O. Reg. 387/04)
  • Ministry of the Environment 6 Year Financial Plan Regulation (O. Reg. 453/07)