The Building Code Act, 1992 requires a building permit to be obtained prior to the start of the demolition of a building. Demolition permit applications are accepted through the Online Permitting Portal.

Approval from the City of Vaughan’s Urban Design and Cultural Heritage division is required before applying for a demolition permit.

Did you know that Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service (VFRS) uses vacant buildings for realistic and hands-on rescue training? Before a building is scheduled for demolition, consider offering it to the City’s Acquired Structure Program. Training only takes a few days and it won’t interrupt with any demolition schedules.


Drawing requirements

  • A PDF copy of a survey or a site plan based on a survey identifying the building that will be demolished
  • A PDF copy of a professional engineer’s report and plans detailing the proposed demolition and the method or sequence of demolition (as required)

Designer requirements

The following are required in certain situations:

  • A professional engineer to review the project during construction
  • A signed commitment to review form at the time of application
  • A professional engineer may supply a demolition report in accordance with the Ontario Building Code

Additional requirements