A building permit is required for any alterations or proposed new septic installations.

Designer requirements

Drawings that are prepared by a qualified designer (as defined in the Ontario Building Code) must include:

  • The qualified designer's name
  • The qualified designer’s registration number
  • The qualification identification number of the qualified designer (Building Code Identification Number: BCIN)
  • The qualified designer's signature
  • The stamp or statement that the qualified designer has reviewed and taken responsibility for the design activities

Drawing requirements

A PDF copy of the construction drawing must be provided.

All drawings must be provided on standard-sized sheets to a minimum scale of 1:75 or 3/16ths equals one foot.


Drawings are to be fully dimensioned, signed and dated and include information such as:

  • Soil and water table information sheet
  • Septic design criteria
  • Site plan
  • Cross sections
  • Treatment unit approval documentation (Building Materials Evaluation Committee, BMEC, or Bureau du Normalisation du Québec, BNQ)

Additional requirements


Provincially-Mandated Onsite Sewage Inspection
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