New Houses and Additions

​A building permit is required when building a new house or adding an addition/alteration to a home. Building permit applications are accepted through the Online Permitting Portal

Designer requirements

Drawings that are prepared by a qualified designer (as defined in the Ontario Building Code) must include:

  • The qualified designer’s name
  • The qualified designer’s registration number
  • The qualification identification number of the qualified designer (Building Code Identification Number: BCIN)
  • The qualified designer's signature
  • The stamp or statement that the qualified designer has reviewed and taken responsibility for the design activities

Note: Property owners may prepare and submit drawings that follow the requirements outlined in the “drawing requirements” section below.


Drawing requirements

A PDF copy of the construction drawing must be provided.


All drawings are to be designed to a minimum scale of 1:75 or 3/16ths equals one foot. Drawings are to be fully dimensioned, signed and dated, and include information such as:

  • Construction material sizes, types and location of use including wall, ceiling and floor finishes
  • Proposed fire separation locations and specifications


Depending on the scope of work, each drawing may require the following list of information:

  • Lot grading plan approved by City of Vaughan Development Engineering Department
  • Site plan
  • Foundation plan
  • Floor plan or framing plan
  • Roof plan
  • Building elevation
  • Sections and details
  • Engineered truss drawings and layout (if applicable)
  • Engineered floor joist specifications and layouts (if applicable)
  • Engineered beam specifications (if applicable)

Additional requirements