City staff member recognized for heroic efforts

Mayor and Members of Council, Fire Chief and staff member with award

Adrian Goodridge receives Fire Chief’s Commendation

A hero is defined as a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. In March, Adrian Goodridge, a City of Vaughan employee in the Transportation and Fleet Management Services department, jumped to action and exceeded Service Excellence by helping a resident in need. At today’s Committee of the Whole (1) meeting, Adrian was presented with the Fire Chief’s Commendation by Mayor Steven Del Duca, Members of Council and Fire Chief Andrew Zvanitajs for his heroic efforts.


The Fire Chief’s Commendation is a recognition awarded for acts of extreme goodwill, heroism, acts or deeds that go ‘above and beyond’ and actions that reflect good or great credit on an individual and/or the individual’s organization.


On March 15, 2023, Adrian was out patrolling on Theodore Place when he witnessed a resident in distress. The home's occupants had called 9-1-1- to report an active fire, and after noticing the resident in distress, Adrian stopped immediately to help. He entered the residence and used the fire extinguisher from his City vehicle to douse a fire that had broken out in the kitchen on the stovetop area. Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service units arrived shortly thereafter, took over response efforts and extinguished the kitchen fire. The first-in Company Officer noted that had Adrian not acted so swiftly, the fire and property damage could have been much worse than it was.



“Adrian Goodridge is a true hero. He saw a resident in need and took action to help; his quick thinking prevented a bad situation from worsening. Adrian has set an exceptional example for our entire community, and our Council is incredibly grateful for his actions. We congratulate him on this well-deserved recognition. I would also like to acknowledge the dedicated fire crews that attended the call, finishing the work that Adrian started. Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service continues to serve our community with pride and honour and we are grateful for their unwavering efforts to keep all residents and businesses safe.”

- Mayor Steven Del Duca


“Today marks the first Fire Chief’s Commendation I have presented as Fire Chief, and I am incredibly proud to recognize Adrian Goodridge with this prestigious honour. His heroic actions to assist a resident in distress truly exemplifies Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service’s mission and commitment to keep the community safe. I want to thank him for his bravery, which helped to protect lives, property and the environment from the adverse effects of fire. His actions are a reminder that we all share the responsibility of keeping our neighbours safe and serve as an example of civic duty in its highest form.”

- Fire Chief Andrew Zvanitajs



  • This is the first time Chief Zvanitajs has bestowed someone with the Fire Chief’s Commendation.