Short Term Rental Permit

Short-term rentals are allowed in residential homes in Vaughan – that is the homeowner’s or tenant/lessee’s principal residence – provided that a licence is obtained. Short-term rentals are generally understood to be when individuals rent out their residence, or part of their residence, for short periods of time (not more than 29 consecutive nights) for a fee.


As per the Short-Term Rentals Licensing By-law:

  • homeowners or tenants/lessees are considered owners.
  • businesses, such as Airbnb and Expedia, that offer a service where individuals can advertise and book their short-term rental, are considered brokerages.
  • both owners and brokerages are required to obtain a licence.

A Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) applies to all short-term rental stays. Owners and brokerages must have a MAT number in order to obtain a licence. Homeowners or tenants/lessees who operate a short-term rental must charge a four per cent tax on accommodations sold. To register for a MAT number and learn more about the MAT, visit


To apply for a licence, owners and brokerages must submit an application form with the required supporting documents and licensing fee; select "Apply for a licence" below to get started.