Infrastructure Delivery

The Infrastructure Delivery department is responsible for capital project programming, design, review, tendering, construction, and inspection of the City's linear infrastructure.

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The projects undertaken can represent a new City asset or help to maintain, improve and extend a City asset (often called infrastructure). This infrastructure includes roads, bridges, sidewalks, watermains, sewers, stormwater management facilities (ponds) and streetlighting.


Our staff expertise is made up of project managers (both engineers and architects), technologists and technicians that perform a wide variety of duties including, but not limited to, project management, engineering studies, detail design and developing new cost-effective ways to deliver our services using new technologies.


Normal maintenance and repairs are carried out by the following departments: Environmental Services, Parks, Forestry and Horticulture Operations, and Transportation Services. Regional roads are owned and maintained by York Region, except for streetlighting (between roadway intersections only) and sidewalks which are owned by the City.


Approved Programmed Projects

The programming, design, tendering and construction of linear municipal infrastructure projects involves infrastructure renewal and includes the reconstruction and/or resurfacing of existing roads, replacement of sewers, culverts and watermains, bridge construction and/or rehabilitation, pumping station rehabilitation, new sidewalk construction on regional roads, new street/walkway lighting construction and/ or rehabilitation, new traffic signals and traffic calming construction and/or rehabilitation.


Road Resurfacing and Road Rehabilitation

As the city of Vaughan continues to grow, there is an increased demand for infrastructure improvements, including road resurfacing and road rehabilitation work. To learn more about road resurfacing and road rehabilitation work, and how the City maintains its roads, watch this video.


Infrastructure Delivery Projects - Active


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Infrastructure Delivery

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