Backflow Prevention Program Steps

The following steps will help you assess what needs to be done in order to install, test and inspect a backflow preventer device.

You may also wish to read the How to Comply with the Backflow Prevention Program (PDF) information sheet.


  1. Fill out the Information Request Form (PDF) for each property you own in Vaughan.
  2. When the property owner is notified by the City, obtain a contractor from the Approved Qualified Company List (PDF) and have the contractor perform a Cross Connection Control Survey Report (PDF) of the property.
  3. When the property owner is notified by the City, a Qualified Company will install a new backflow prevention device (PDF), test an existing backflow device (PDF) or complete plumbing modifications to the private plumbing system (PDF). 
    • Corrective actions may be requested to be completed within a tenant space. Please refer to the tenant landlord agreement to find information on who is responsible to cover the costs of the required work.
  4. Property owners are required to ensure all backflow prevention devices are maintained and tested each year by Qualified Companies.


For questions, contact Matthew Menezes at 905-832-2281 ext. 6183 or



Please note that the City of Vaughan will not recommend or endorse any Qualified Company and/or Qualified Person(s) registered to this program and makes no representation about the quality of work a Qualified Company and/or Qualified Person is able to provide. Property owners are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence when retaining a Qualified Company and/or Qualified Person.


Under no circumstances will the City of Vaughan be responsible or liable to any contractors completing works done pursuant to the Backflow Prevention By-law, nor to any property owner procuring services pursuant to the Backflow Prevention By-law.