Backflow Prevention Program Qualified Companies

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Approved Qualified Company List

Only the companies listed in the Approved Qualified Company List (PDF) are prequalified with the City of Vaughan and shall carry out the corresponding functions set out in the Authorized Function List – Appendix A (PDF).


Property owners may use another contractor that is not posted on the Approved Qualified Company List as long as the contractor provides the City with all required documents, outlined above. They must also provide a registration fee for the review and approval process before they start any work.


Who are Qualified Companies?

Qualified Companies are professionals who provide the City of Vaughan with valid certificates and documents related to backflow prevention and register officially with the city for this particular program.


Qualified Companies and the City work together to help property owners with backflow prevention device installation to protect and maintain the quality of water within the water system.


Companies who wish to register and participate in the program must have the following requirements and submit a valid copy to the City at the time of registration:


  • proof of current Commercial General Liability (PDF) insurance coverage (minimum $2 million coverage)
  • current calibration certificate for each test kit (issued within 12 months before the date of submission of a Backflow Preventer Test and Inspection Report)
  • Cross Connection Control Tester Certificate issued by the Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA) or other recognized certification organization approved by the City
  • proof of valid trade or professional membership for each Qualified Person as per the Authorized Function List


Before carrying out any function under this by-law and program, all companies or people must be registered and approved with the City and have the necessary qualifications as set out in the Authorized Function List – Appendix A (PDF).



Please note that the City of Vaughan will not recommend or endorse any Qualified Company and/or Qualified Person(s) registered to this program and makes no representation about the quality of work a Qualified Company and/or Qualified Person is able to provide. Property owners are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence when retaining a Qualified Company and/or Qualified Person.


Under no circumstances will the City of Vaughan be responsible or liable to any contractors completing works done pursuant to the Backflow Prevention By-law, nor to any property owner procuring services pursuant to the Backflow Prevention By-law.


Program Registration

Qualified Company and Qualified Person Registration Form (PDF) – This should be completed and submitted to the City to initiate the pre-registration process into the Backflow Prevention Program.


Once all required documents and qualifications have been submitted and approved by the City, the company will then be approved to work under the by-law. The company name and contact information will be posted on the Approved Qualified Company List.


Qualified Company and Qualified Person Registration Form (PDF)

Approved Qualified Company List (PDF)

Authorized Functions List (PDF)

Standard Certificate of Insurance Form (PDF)


Note: It is the responsibility of the Qualified Company to ensure all certificates and documents are up to date and submitted to the City before any expiry dates. If the City has not received the mandatory requirements, the Qualified Company or Qualified Person will be removed from the program, without further notice, and effective of the date of expiry of any accreditation, until all valid documents are submitted and reviewed by the City.​​​