Wastewater Infrastructure

Wastewater is the flow of used water from homes and businesses. This used or “dirty” water is sent down a drain from ordinary habits, like bathing, toilet flushing and laundry. Once you finish washing dishes or bathing, gravity moves the wastewater through a network of municipal pipes and drains to York Region’s treatment facility.​

Wastewater generated by the city flows through over 45 kilometres of sewers before it reaches York Region's Duffin Creek Treatment Plant located just east of the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. There, wastewater is treated to remove contaminants and released back into Lake Ontario. The Kleinburg area is serviced by a treatment plant operated by York Region.


View the wastewater treatment process at the Duffin Creek Treatment Plant (PDF).


Sanitary sewer maintenance


The City of Vaughan has an extensive preventative maintenance program for wastewater infrastructure. This includes flushing of sewer pipes, physical inspections and closed-circuit television (CCTV) video inspections⁠. This important maintenance work ensures that our sewer mains are clean, clear and continue to keep wastewater flowing while protecting infrastructure for years to come. Preventative maintenance also helps reduce emergency service calls that can lead to unnecessary inconveniences to residents and businesses.


Sewer Flushing

Sewer flushing is a manual operation performed with a vacuum and flusher trucks moving from

maintenance hole to maintenance hole through the affected area, working primarily in the roadway. While this work is being completed, citizens may experience added dust, noise and other short-term inconveniences. The City will make every effort to reduce the impacts, and your patience is appreciated


Operations are performed after-hours or overnight, for the following reasons:

  • sewer flows are lower
  • traffic volumes are lower


Closed-circuit television

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) video inspection assists with developing priorities for pipe replacement, cleanout and repair.


Lift station maintenance


Ten lift/pumping stations across Vaughan help move wastewater to the regional sanitary sewer trunk lines. The stations are monitored regularly to ensure pumps are operating effectively and the flow of wastewater is not disrupted.


Service connections


Please contact Service Vaughan at 905-832-2281 to inquire about service connections.