Zoning by-law enforcement

The Zoning By-law regulates the use of lands in the city of Vaughan, and the character, location and use of buildings and structures. Listed below are the most popular rules regulated under the by-law and images showing what not to do; a full list is available in the by-law.

For construction zoning and planning, visit Building Standard's zoning and planning for permits and applications.


Driveway widening

  • Since widening relies on the size of a lot, a permit to widen may be required. Contact the City for more information.


Picture of a driveway widened incorrectly
This is an example of a driveway widened incorrectly.



Parking on the lawn

  • Parking and storing any vehicle on the grass portion of any yard is not allowed. It damages the grass and creates an unsightly appearance.


Picture of a recreational vehicle parked incorrectly on a yard
This recreational vehicle should not be parked on a front lawn.


Boats and/or trailers

  • Boats, trailers or mobile homes are not permitted on front yards.
  • One boat (with or without a boat trailer), one trailer or one mobile home can be stored or parked in a side or rear yard, as long as it does not exceed six metres in length and it meets the minimum yard requirements for accessory structures. 
  • Trailers or mobile homes parked on a property cannot be used for human habitation.


Picture of a boat parked incorrectly on a yard
This boat should not be parked on a driveway.



  • The permitted area of a shed depends on the frontage of the lot.
  • The shed must be located in the rear yard and set back from the property line 0.6 metres (about two feet).
  • The height of the shed must not exceed 2.5 metres (about eight feet), which includes the height of the pad it is constructed on. If there is more than one shed on the property, contact Building Standards.


Picture of a shed
This shed is too close to a fence.


For more information about setback requirements for trailers, air conditioner units, sheds, boats and mobile homes, contact Building Standards.



  • Before any construction of a building or a structure, a building permit is required from the City.
  • Failure to comply with the by-law will result in fines, which are set out in the Ontario Planning Act.


Contact Information

Building Standards

Vaughan City Hall
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