Commercial Kitchen Exhaust

Under the Ontario Building Code, the person who is issued a permit is required to provide notification to the Building Standards department when various stages of construction are ready to be inspected. Several inspections are required.

Preliminary meetings: These may be requested by the permit holder or, in some cases, may be required by the building inspector. Preliminary meetings provide an opportunity to discuss the project before the start of construction. These meetings can be scheduled with Building Standards department.


Not all stages of inspection will apply to every project. Please call the Building Standards department to clarify which stages of construction require inspections.


These inspection categories apply to small, large and complex buildings.


Exhaust rough-in: An inspection is required after hood and ductwork have been installed and before being enclosed. Associated mechanical equipment has been installed. Building permit drawings are on-site and available for review by a City inspector.


Exhaust final: An inspection is required after the system is complete and operational and the final mechanical engineer’s commercial kitchen hood exhaust report has been submitted. An approval from Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service for the fire suppression system must be provided.


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