Tips for a rainy day

a catch basin covered in snow

Help clear catch basins to avoid flooding and stay away from bodies of water

With rain in the forecast, you may want to stay indoors. But before you do, don’t forget about catch basins! Rain needs somewhere to drain, and if catch basins are blocked or covered in snow or debris, this can cause water to pond or flood the streets. That’s why the resident living closest to a catch basin is encouraged to help clear it if it’s safe to do so.


To report sewer or street flooding, call Service Vaughan at 905-832-2281 or email


The City is ready to respond to potential flooding – and there are steps you can take to be prepared and stay safe!


With heavy rain, expect water levels and flows in rivers and streams in Vaughan to be higher than normal. Avoid bodies of water as these weather conditions can result in fast-flowing cold water and slippery or unstable banks. Stay alert and follow these important safety precautions in rainy weather:

  • Stay away from streams, rivers, shorelines and stormwater ponds.
  • Exercise caution around all bridges, culverts, dams, bodies of water and valley banks.
  • Avoid areas that may be experiencing flooding or erosion, including trails by water.
  • Do not drive in or walk through flooded areas.
  • Alert children of these dangers and supervise their activities.
  • Keep pets away from bodies of water.


For winter safety tips, visit For information on the City’s water services, visit


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