Sort waste right this holiday shopping season

cardboard boxes, packing peanuts and shredded paper

Shopping season is here, and Black Friday is just around the corner! Whether you’re buying gifts for loved ones or treating yourself to something new, you’ll likely end up with tissue paper, cardboard boxes, Styrofoam™ and other materials to sort through.


Here are some quick reminders for what goes where, just in time for your holiday shopping spree:


Air-filled packaging, plastic bags, bubble wrap and Styrofoam™ 

Your online orders might come with air-filled packaging, plastic bags, padded envelopes and bubble mailers, bubble wrap, Styrofoam™ or packing peanuts. All of these items belong in the garbage and cannot be recycled in Vaughan, even if they have the recyclable symbol on them.


Cardboard boxes, paper bags, tissue paper and shredded paper

Cardboard boxes, 100 per cent paper bags and tissue paper go in the blue box. Ensure cardboard is broken down, flattened and bundled securely. Small amounts of shredded paper that may come in online orders can be placed in the green bin. Large volumes of shredded paper can be placed in a clear plastic bag and dropped off at a York Region waste depot for recycling. 


What goes where?

Do you have other items to dispose of but aren’t sure where they belong? Check by using the City’s online ‘What Goes Where?’ sorting tool. You can also download the Recycle Coach app through the Apple App Store or Google Play to confirm where waste items belong. The app provides waste-less tips and a personalized collection schedule with optional alerts on what to put to the curb each week. 


Need a new blue box or green bin?

Buying a waste bin has never been easier! Visit to purchase your bin(s) and schedule a delivery right to your door. Alternatively, buy blue boxes and green bins at select community centres while supplies last. You can also sign up to exchange a broken City-issued blue box or green bin for a new one online through Service Vaughan.


For more information on waste services in Vaughan, visit


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