Making progress on Vaughan’s 2022-2026 Strategic Plan

Strat plan

Service Excellence, in motion. 


Vaughan Council approved the City of Vaughan’s 2022-2026 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan in March 2023. Since then, we’ve been busy! Staff have made significant progress on the plan’s key projects and developed a Year One Progress Report (PDF). 

The Strategic Plan serves as a map to guide the City through this Term of Council. It reinforces the City’s mission, vision and values, and outlines how the administration will go above and beyond to deliver on Council’s priorities through Service Excellence. 

The Strategic Plan includes seven priority areas, 21 objectives and 68 key activities. Of the 68 key activities, 98.5 per cent – or 67 activities – are progressing as expected. The one outstanding key activity is being monitored. Here is an update on progress made in each priority area:

Transportation and Mobility

Objectives: To improve Vaughan’s road/street network; to advocate for improved public transit; and to improve active and emerging modes of transportation. 


Year one progress: Completed the 2023 Vaughan Transportation; implemented traffic-calming measures in five pilot neighbourhoods; approved the Automated Speed Enforcement program implementation plan; completed the Rutherford and Maple Mobility On-Request Service Pilot Project; and amended three by-laws to permit and regulate the use of micromobility.


In April 2023, Council emphasized its commitment to transportation and mobility by approving the Action Plan to Fight Traffic Gridlock. Focus areas include widening Highway 7 to six lanes between Wigwoss Drive and Kipling Avenue; linking Kirby Road between Dufferin and Bathurst streets; connecting Teston Road between Keele and Dufferin streets; building two new bridges over Highway 400; extending Bass Pro Mills Drive to Weston Road; championing the Yonge North Subway Extension; connecting Langstaff Road over the CN MacMillan Yard and upgrading the interchange at Langstaff Road and Highway 400; supporting enhanced GO Train service; and advocating for more Bus Rapid Transit. 


Community Safety and Well-being

Objectives: To enhance community safety in collaboration with regional/provincial/federal partners; to continue to provide comprehensive fire protection and emergency services; and to continue to implement the By-law Strategy.


Year one progress: Distributed key fob protective bags to help combat auto theft; implemented Community Safety Zones and other MoveSmart initiatives; approved the Coyote Response and Coexistence Strategy; established an Inter-Governmental Relationship Sub-Committee; delivered fire prevention public education sessions and fire safety inspections; and participated in a multi-agency response to activities that risk public safety (including illegal car rallies and illegal agricultural land use). 


City Building

Objectives: To grow Vaughan as a complete community with a focus on quality of life; to engage in long-term planning and policy development to meet the city’s housing needs; and to continue to invest in making Vaughan a “Smart City.”


Year one progress: Advanced construction at Carrville Community Centre, Library and District Park; completed concept design and feasibility review of the National Soccer Training Centre and Family Recreation Area at North Maple Regional Park; launched the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Wayfinding

Signage Pilot Program; initiated construction of the primary off-leash dog park at Mackenzie Valley Park; and passed a by-law to improve the internal application review process related to Bill 109.


Environmental Sustainability

Objectives: To advance stewardship of green infrastructure; to support community and corporate sustainability initiatives; and to invest in climate change mitigation and resilience. 


Year one progress: Completed Phase 1 of the Greenspace Strategic Plan; established framework for the Urban Forest Management Plan; created a new pollinator garden in Doctors McLean District Park; facilitated the Grow with Vaughan sponsorship program; and verified the Carrville Community Centre design as net-zero carbon.


Active, Engaged and Inclusive Communities 

Objectives: To develop the city as a diverse‚ equity-based and inclusive community; to ensure ongoing commitment to Indigenous relations and reconciliation; and to build Vaughan as an active‚ engaged‚ creative and culturally vibrant community. 


Year one progress: Established the Age-Friendly Vaughan Advisory Committee; ratified the 2023-2027 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan; completed the Addressing Anti-Black Racism Action Plan; approved the ARTonBOXES implementation strategy; and reopened the revitalized Garnet A. Williams Community Centre.


Economic Prosperity and Job Creation

Objectives: To empower the local business community to grow in Vaughan; to promote Vaughan’s economy as transformative, ambitious and purpose-driven; and to undertake strategic initiatives to bolster the local economy and future investment. 


Year one progress: Hosted the Fall 2023 Ontario Auto Mayors Caucus meeting; delivered Small Business Enterprise Centre services; launched a dedicated LinkedIn channel for Vaughan Economic Development and an Instagram channel for Tourism Vaughan; opened the ventureLAB Hardware Catalyst Initiative Lab; and completed three mission trips to build international economic relations. 


Service Excellence and Accountability

Objectives: To commit to citizen Service Excellence as an innovative‚ data-driven service organization; to ensure continued financial sustainability and an effective and efficient administration; and to ensure Vaughan is an inclusive and equity-based employer of choice. 


Year one progress: Deployed the Qlik Sense Mobile business intelligence tool; revised the Corporate Procurement Policy; initiated an Information Architecture pilot; introduced a digital IT Operating Model; and updated fiscal framework policies.

And these are just the highlights! For a comprehensive update, read the Year One Progress Report (PDF). 



“The City of Vaughan’s 2022-2026 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan reflects our shared commitment to putting residents first, and we are pleased to deliver a Year One Progress Report that shows meaningful advancement. We’re moving forward with the Action Plan to Fight Traffic Gridlock, strengthening our city’s infrastructure, facilitating new housing development, supporting a greener, more sustainable future and so much more. The City will continue working collaboratively with all levels of government, community partners and residents to ensure we’re focused on advancing with purpose, guided by our Strategic Plan. We will work to accelerate Vaughan’s momentum and continue to build a community where everyone can thrive.”

- Mayor Steven Del Duca


“The City of Vaughan remains committed to providing efficient service delivery and maintaining a high quality of life. The 2022-2026 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan is a road map to delivering on that commitment and achieving Vaughan’s long-term vision. The plan outlines the priorities that matter most to our residents and businesses as we continue our city-building journey. In 2023, staff made significant progress on key projects and I applaud their ongoing dedication to delivering Service Excellence.”

- City Manager, Nick Spensieri



  • On March 21, 2023, Vaughan Council approved the City of Vaughan’s 2022-2026 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan.
  • The Strategic Plan includes seven priority areas, 21 objectives and 68 key activities. Of the 68 key activities, 98.5 per cent – or 67 – are progressing as expected. The one outstanding key activity is being monitored.



  • The City of Vaughan’s 2022-2026 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan webpage 
  • The City of Vaughan’s 2022-2026 Term of Council Service Excellence Strategic Plan Year One Progress Report (PDF)