Make your Valentine’s Day green!

roses and a gift box

Love is in the air, and while you may be celebrating Valentine’s Day soon, make sure you show a little love to your waste collectors by placing your materials in the right bins! Doing this will ensure collection runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.


To help you out, here are quick tips on where to dispose of common Valentine’s Day goodies:


  • Balloons and candy wrappers: Place deflated balloons and foil candy wrappers in the garbage.

  • Chocolate boxes: Put empty cardboard boxes and metal tins in the blue box.

  • Flowers: When you’re done with cut flowers, place them in the green bin. The paper bouquet wrapping goes in the blue box.

  • Paper cards: If your Valentine’s cards are made of 100 per cent paper, toss them in the blue box. All other types of cards go in the garbage.


Remember to place all items curbside by 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day. Waste collectors will not return for materials set out late.


What goes where?

Do you have other items to dispose of but aren’t sure where they belong? Check by using the City’s online ‘What Goes Where?’ sorting tool. You can also download the Recycle Coach app through the Apple App Store or Google Play to confirm where waste items belong. The app provides waste-less tips and a personalized collection schedule with optional alerts on what to put to the curb each week. 


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