Banquet Hall Permit

This licence is required for any building or hall used for the entertainment of a large group of people where food or alcohol may be provided, discussed below.


A different licence is required for eating establishments (restaurants), night clubs, lounges and pubs; learn more here.

Banquet hall room with stage and six tables

Options to apply

1. On the Licensing Portal:

2. In person or by mail to:
By-Law and Compliance, Licensing & Permit Services
Vaughan City Hall, Level 100 
2141 Major Mackenzie Dr.

Vaughan, ON  L6A 1T1


3. Via the drop-boxes located at the entrances of Vaughan City Hall. 


4. By e-mail to:, along with scanned copies of required documentation.

Please ensure the application or e-mail indicates a contact phone number

for staff to collect payment.

If submitting your application by mail or via the drop-box, please enclose payment in the form of a cheque made payable to the City of Vaughan. If submitting your application via e-mail, please ensure the application or accompanying message indicate a contact name and phone number for our staff to collect payment.



If you are applying for an Auction Hall, you can apply online on the Licensing Portal, or in-person, by mail, drop-box or email using the application form below. 

If you are applying for an Auctioneer licence, you can apply in-person, by mail, drop-box or email using the application form below.  This licence requires a photo of the applicant to be submitted, as described here.


Banquet Hall Application (PDF)

Notes About Zoning:

  • To apply for a new licence, a Zoning Clearance, issued within the last 365 days, is required to be submitted with the application form above.
  • You can apply for a Zoning Clearance online here.






Initial fee

$ 627

$ 670

Renewal fee

$ 337

$ 341