Vaughan Complete Streets Guidelines

Several people walking.

A Complete Street is defined as a street that is safe and accessible for people of all ages and abilities whether they are walking, biking, taking public transit or driving. The City of Vaughan is developing Complete Streets Guidelines to help guide the planning, design, operation and maintenance of the City’s street network to create spaces that will allow all road users to travel safely and enjoyably. When complete, the guidelines will also help City planners incorporate the proper necessities such as seating, streetlights and infrastructure when building or updating public streets.


Get involved and have your say!

Considering all road users – those who walk, bike, take public transit and drive, Vaughan staff want to know:

  • Which areas of the city could be improved for the benefit and safety of all road users?
  • Which streets could be made safer?
  • What improvements do you suggest?


Do you know an area that is working well? Get involved to help answer questions like:

  • Which areas of the city do you feel provide a safe and efficient way of travel for road users?
  • Which streets make you feel safe, and why?


Participate in an online mapping exercise starting on Wednesday June 15 until Tuesday, July 5 to share your input and experiences. Your feedback will help the City better understand the current opportunities and challenges faced by those using Vaughan’s streets – and also help identify potential ideas for how to address those challenges in the future.