Get Involved in Complete Streets

Feedback from citizens and stakeholders is essential for the development of a comprehensive Complete Streets Guidelines document that reflects community needs and interests and is grounded in safety, accessibility, sustainability, vibrancy and functionality. 


The approach to consultation is to ensure that internal and external stakeholders are informed of the project and have the opportunity to help shape, provide input and participate in conversations about the Complete Streets Guidelines for the City of Vaughan.

Through the consultation and engagement period, the consultants and Vaughan staff will:


  • foster an understanding about Complete Streets across City departments and with stakeholders.
  • engage citizens and stakeholders in a thorough and meaningful way, creating dialogue and interaction with participants.
  • learn from those who will be impacted by the update and need for Complete Streets in Vaughan.
  • provide open, transparent and flexible feedback opportunities for interactive idea generation and engagement.
  • strengthen the City’s relationships with key stakeholders and potential partners throughout implementation.


There will be opportunities to provide input and share comments throughout the study. Opportunities to get involved will be posted here on this project webpage and throughout the City's social media channels regularly, so check back often and find out how to participate. Below you will find a general timeline of various project-related meetings. The timeline is subject to change:



Click on the image below to open a larger process map in a new tab. 


Vaughan Complete Streets Study Process