Hydrant Meter Rentals

The use of any City of Vaughan hydrant without written approval from the City is unlawful and prohibited.

Any contractor that wishes to use water from a hydrant for construction purposes must apply for a Hydrant Meter Rental online. First time users are required to set-up a username and password. Security deposit payment is due upon application approval. Any questions regarding hydrant meter rentals can be directed to hydrantmeters@vaughan.ca.

Steps to apply for a fire hydrant meter rental


Step One: Apply

Fire hydrants may be rented between April 1 and Oct. 31, annually (weather permitting). Applications and payments can be made online.



Once you submit your application, you will receive an approval status notification by email. Once the application is approved, a security deposit in the amount of $5,501.60 will be requested, and payment can be made online.


Step Two: Obtain a backflow preventer

It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain a Reduced Pressure (RP) Principle Backflow Preventer. The applicant is responsible to hire an approved Qualified Company as identified by the City, who is authorized to perform a test for the backflow preventer. This company should be scheduled at the same time as the City is scheduled to turn the water supply on, to ensure the City is present to verify the testing of the backflow preventer.


Step Three: Have water turned on and install backflow preventer

Once step two is completed, contact hydrantmeters@vaughan.ca to schedule an appointment for the City to install the water meter on the selected City fire hydrant, turn the fire hydrant on and to witness the installation and performance test on the backflow preventer.


It is the responsibility of the Qualified Company to:


Once all tests and inspections are complete, City staff will verify operation of the City’s water meter. The City water meter and the applicant’s backflow preventer must remain accessible to read and maintain. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure all backflow preventers are tested at the time of installation and if relocated.


Hydrant meter rental charges

Hydrant meters can be rented from April1 to Oct. 31, annually (weather permitting).

3-inch meter with a 2.5-inch male fire hydrant thread hook up


Installations/retrievals and relocations are to be performed strictly by a licensed City of Vaughan water operator.

Deposit (contributes towards total water consumption)​$4,431
​Administration fee (non-refundable)​$718.80
​Relocation requests (after initial set-up)*​​$149 per hour
​Consumption (effective April 1, 2024)​$5.2123 per cubic metre


Is taking water from a hydrant without permission illegal?

Yes. Hydrants can only be operated by City staff. Any unauthorized use of fire hydrants is considered water theft and may result in by-law enforcement. To report illegal connections, reach the City’s contact centre by phone at 905-832-2281 (toll-free:1-844-832-2112) or email at service@vaughan.ca.