Sign Enforcement and Mobile Sign Permits

About the by-law


The Sign By-law outlines rules around the use of signs for the benefit of community appearance and the safety of residents. Signs must comply with the Sign By-law, and in some cases require a City-issued permit. For Mobile Signs, see application details below; for other types of signs, see the Building Standards page for application instructions.

Mobile sign with the text "Example of a mobile sign"

Mobile Sign permits


This permit is required in order to display a Mobile Sign in the City of Vaughan.


Mobile Sign permit applications now streamlined


Since the COVID-19 emergency declaration in March of 2020, the City of Vaughan has introduced a number of initiatives to support businesses and individuals, while continuing to also ensure the health, safety and well-being of the public; this includes increasing the opportunities for local businesses to advertise using mobile and portable signs. Until December 31, 2022, the following changes will be made with respect to Mobile Sign applications:


  • Up to two mobile signs will be permitted on eligible property as long as there is a minimum distance of 30 metres (approximately 100 ft) between such signs, provided that the property does not directly abut a residentially zoned property.
  • No limit be placed on the number of permits that may be obtained by any one business.
  • No black-out period be imposed between permits, with permits continuing to be for 21 days, and each permit requiring a separate application and fee.
  • To expedite the issuance process, submission of zoning clearances and site drawings is not required.
  • The Director and Chief Licensing Officer is authorized to refuse mobile sign permit applications.


How to submit your application


Applicants have several options for submitting the Mobile Sign Permit application; if by mail or email, after the form below has been submitted, applicants must contact By-law & Compliance, Licensing & Permit Services at 905-832-2281 to make payment by credit or debit card. Applicants can submit their applications:


1. In person or by mail to:

By-Law and Compliance, Licensing & Permit Services

Vaughan City Hall, Level 100

2141 Major Mackenzie Dr.

Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1


2. By e-mail to:, along with scanned copies of required documentation.



To apply for a Mobile Sign Permit, a Mobile Sign Company is required to have a business licence which is valid until after the end-date of the Mobile Sign Permit; i.e., if the Mobile Sign Permit expires on June 1, 2022, the Mobile Sign Company must have a valid business licence which goes until at least June 2, 2022.


Mobile Sign Permit Application


Application Fee

​Permit Type


​Mobile Sign Permit





The following are key points with respect to enforcement; see the Sign By-law for more information.

  • Sign investigations ensure all signs have the required permits and meet the regulations including, colour, location, etc.
  • When a sign is installed without a permit, it may be removed immediately, without notice, if located in any way on property owned by/under the jurisdiction of the City of Vaughan.
  • The City may issue a letter to remove a sign installed on other properties without a permit.
  • If the City needs to remove a sign, operational costs may be at the owner’s expense.