Set your waste out right!

one garbage bag, two blue boxes and one green bin curbside

Spring is the perfect time for a fresh start, such as adopting new waste set-out habits! Setting out waste properly will help ensure collection days run smoothly – and also avoid attracting uninvited urban wildlife to snack on your food scraps.


Follow these waste set-out tips from the City of Vaughan: 

  • Place waste out in the morning of your scheduled collection day (no later than 7 a.m.) rather than leaving it on the curb overnight.
    • Waste collectors will not return for materials set out late.
  • Remove wildlife attractants by properly securing bins and bags. Collect and store bins and any uncollected garbage on the same day.
  • Place waste approximately one metre from the curb on the right-hand side of the driveway (when facing the home) where possible.
  • Keep waste bins and bags off the road.


Visit to learn more about the City’s waste services.


Have further questions on co-existing with urban wildlife? Vaughan Animal Services officers are available to speak with and assist you, conduct property audits to identify coyote attractants and provide education on how to deter wildlife from your property. For more information, visit


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