Road safety is everyone’s responsibility

People crossing the street in the VMC

The City of Vaughan continues to make road safety a top priority. During Canada Road Safety Week, we’re reminding everyone – including drivers, cyclists and pedestrians – to slow down and pay attention.


Here are some of the ways the City is working to improve road safety: 



As home to thousands of businesses and more than 344,000 residents, Vaughan is one of Ontario’s fastest-growing municipalities. To keep up with the increase in travel demand, the City initiated the MoveSmart Mobility Management Strategy (MoveSmart) in 2021. Significant progress is being made, with the City advancing the majority of its initiatives in 2023! The annual MoveSmart update was shared with Vaughan Council at the Committee of the Whole (Working Session) on March 6, 2024, with further details outlined in this staff report (PDF). 


As part of MoveSmart, the City has retained an independent consultant to develop a Safer School Zones Plan. The plan aims to create safer streets and accessibility for vulnerable road users in school zone areas, increase active school travel to/from school, and promote equity in our communities for vulnerable road users. The final plan is anticipated to be completed later this year. The plan will include:

  • recommendations for additional road safety measures near schools.
  • policies, guidelines and standards to improve pick-up and drop-off activity, enhance pedestrian safety and address parking, speeding and traffic circulation around schools.
  • recommendations to expand Vaughan’s Active School Travel program.
  • engagement and educational opportunities to enhance active school travel in Vaughan and encourage elementary and secondary school students to participate.



The City is creating safer roads through the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Plan, also known as the Neighbourhood Area Traffic Calming Policy, Design and Speed Management Plan. This project is one of the major road safety initiatives identified under MoveSmart. 


The purpose of this project is to update the existing Neighbourhood Traffic Committee Policy and Procedures (PDF) to establish a set of revised guidelines for implementing traffic calming measures along new and existing roads in Vaughan. By doing so, the City can continue creating a high-quality, people-oriented and sustainable built environment that promotes a culture of road safety.  



Vaughan continues to implement a comprehensive Speed Limit Policy across the city to ensure the safety of all road users and address the growing population. As part of the MoveSmart Strategy, the policy is used as a speed management tool to set and adjust appropriate speed limits throughout Vaughan’s street network.


To further advance the City’s commitment to road safety, speed limits are being reduced in six Vaughan neighbourhoods and along 15 City roadways this summer. Speed limits in these areas will be reduced from 50 kilometres per hour to 40 kilometres per hour. 



In response to growing transportation demands and the need for increased road safety and sustainable modes of travel, the City of Vaughan is undertaking multiple traffic studies through a Road Safety Corridor Reviews, that examine the current and future transportation planning and mobility infrastructure needs for a road. By assessing traffic operations in these areas, the City can identify additional road safety opportunities for pedestrians, cyclists, transit and vehicular road users to better serve all modes of transportation. The Corridor Reviews identify short- and long-term implementation plans to enhance road safety along the study area.



The City continues to keep road safety and the well-being of all residents top of mind, no matter the season – and you are encouraged to do the same. Play an important role in urging your neighbours to drive safely and obey speed limits on City roads through the City’s #SlowDownVaughan initiative. There are many ways you can participate:

  • Place a #SlowDownVaughan sign on your lawn. Pick up a sign at Vaughan community centres and the three Vaughan Public Resource Libraries – Bathurst Clark, Civic Centre and Pierre Berton. Signs are produced by the City and are free to Vaughan residents.
  • Download (PDF) and print a #SlowDownVaughan sign to hang in your window.  
  • Post about this initiative on your social media platforms using the hashtag #SlowDownVaughan (supporting graphics are available on the City’s website).



Here are some ways you can improve road safety: 

  • Avoid riding your bike through puddles as potholes and other hidden road conditions can be underneath. 

  • Follow the rules of the road when riding your bike – keep to the right, use proper hand signals, obey traffic lights and stop signs, and let pedestrians know you’re approaching them by ringing a bell or horn. 

  • Walk, don’t run, when crossing the street.
  • Pay attention to vehicular traffic while walking along or crossing roads.
  • When out for a walk, ensure you are visible to drivers and cyclists, and make eye contact once they have stopped before crossing.
  • Cross at designated crosswalks, crossovers or controlled intersections.


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