Learn how to reduce textile waste

someone carrying a box of textiles

What do you do with your gently used clothing that you no longer want or need? There are so many ways clothes and other household textiles, such as rugs, curtains and blankets, can be reused or repurposed – instead of throwing them in the garbage and contributing to landfills!


Try the following textile recycling tips:

  • Donate: Donate all unwanted clothing and textiles to a second-hand storetextile donation bin in Vaughan or a York Region Community Environmental Centre. Even worn, torn or stained clothing can be recycled!
  • Exchange: Set up a clothing exchange with your friends or family. 
  • Sell: Look up online resale platforms to sell your unwanted clothing. You can also organize a garage sale to sell clothes and other textiles you no longer need. 
  • Repurpose: Search online for creative ideas on how to turn an old shirt into something new, such as a cleaning rag, or come up with your own ideas to refashion your clothing. 
  • Repair: Got a tear in your shirt? Watch online tutorials to learn how to do basic clothing repairs, such as sewing a hem or button, mending seams and holes, or replacing zippers. Don’t want to repair it yourself? Visit a York Region Repair Café where you can bring a variety of household items, including clothing, to be fixed for free – the next one is on Saturday, June 15 at the King City Seniors Centre in the Township of King.
  • Buy longer-lasting items: When buying new, choose natural, non-synthetic fabrics free from toxins and chemicals. More environmentally friendly substitutions include organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. 


For more information, visit the City’s textile waste reduction webpage.


Curbside Giveaway Days

If you want to re-home clothing that is still in good shape, you can also participate in the City’s upcoming Curbside Giveaway Days! This waste reduction program allows you to place gently used items at the curb of your property for your neighbours to come and take, free of charge. The next Curbside Giveaway Days are Saturday, June 22 and Sunday, June 23.


Visit the City’s curbside giveaway events webpage to learn more.


Not sure what goes where?

If you’re unsure where items belong, use the online ‘What Goes Where?’ sorting tool to easily check using the search function. You can also download the free Recycle Coach app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for more sorting help. The app also provides waste-less tips and a personalized collection schedule with optional alerts on what to put to the curb each week. 


For more information on waste collection in Vaughan, visit vaughan.ca/waste.


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