Don’t be a litter bug!

A person throwing garbage out

Put waste in its place to keep Vaughan clean


Spring is finally here! Although the warm weather brings a smile to our faces, the melted snow can reveal something we don’t like – litter.


Let’s work together to keep Vaughan clean! While the City of Vaughan gears up for its annual spring-cleaning blitz, here is how you can get involved and ensure our community remains litter-free:


  • Put waste in its place: while outside, place your waste in the nearest garbage, recycling or organics bin. Be sure to use the right one!
  • Reuse and refill: bring a reusable cup while walking or on the go. Take cloth tote bags and reusable containers with you when shopping.
  • Bag it and bin it: when walking outside with your pet, clean up after them and use the waste bins provided. If the bins are full, take your garbage and pet waste home with you. Pet waste belongs in the green bin at home or in waste bins out in the community. As a reminder, you must pick up after your pet. The fine for failing to do so is $300. To report pet waste on public property, contact the City at 905-832-2281 or


Take part in the City’s 20-Minute Makeover

Looking for another way to keep your community clean? Join the City’s 20-Minute Makeover! From Monday, April 17 to Sunday, April 23, help spring clean your neighbourhood by taking 20 minutes to go outside and pick up litter from a local school yard, park, trail, greenspace, backyard or boulevard. For more details and to register, email or visit  


Waste tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when handling waste:


  • Do not overfill your blue box. Leave space (7.5 centimetres or three inches) at the top of the box.
  • Place heavier items, such as glass bottles and jars, on top of lighter ones, such as paper and plastic containers.
  • Flatten, cut down and bundle cardboard securely, and pack them in the blue box carefully.
  • Purchase additional blue boxes or use a larger blue box (up to 121 litres, no attached lid or wheels) if you have too many materials.
  • Consider putting your recycling out the following week if it’s a windy day. The City collects unlimited blue boxes weekly!
  • Take flyers and mail home to recycle.


By helping to reduce litter, you are demonstrating respect for your neighbours, neighbourhoods and shared community spaces. Let’s ensure Vaughan remains a place where residents and visitors can live, work and play in a clean and healthy city.  


Did you know it’s against the law to litter?

Littering and illegal dumping are prohibited under the Dumping By-law 103-2020 (PDF). Residents who do not keep their properties clear of litter, waste and debris may be issued a Notice to clean up their property and/or issued a $500 fine for each offence. Failure to comply with a Notice is also a chargeable offence and may result in the City removing the waste and debris at the homeowner’s expense.


To report full or overfilled bins around the community, or to report illegal dumping, contact Service Vaughan at 905-832-2281 or


To read more about the City’s commitment to protecting and respecting the environment and fostering a sustainable community today and for future generations, visit


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