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Keeping Our Community Clean

Every year in April, in honour of Earth Day, residents in Vaughan come together to take part in the City of Vaughan's 20-Minute Makeover community litter cleanup. As part of the City’s effort to protect the environment for future generations, everyone must do their part to keep their neighbourhood, streets and parks clean and litter-free.


This year’s week-long cleanup is scheduled from Monday, April 22 to Sunday, April 28. Will you accept the challenge to keep our community clean? 


Here’s how to take part in the 2024 challenge: 

  1. Gather a team – this can include work colleagues, friends, family or anyone! 

  2. Select a day during the cleanup week that works for your group. 

  3. Pick a public location in your neighbourhood to help clean.

  4. Email environment@vaughan.ca to register.

  5. That’s it! Be ready to clean your selected location on your preferred day for 20 minutes.


How can I get a free cleanup kit? 

Sign up by Tuesday, April 2 to receive a personal kit that includes garbage bags and plastic gloves. You can pick these up at the Joint Operations Centre (2800 Rutherford Rd.) from Monday, April 15 to Friday, April 19. 

When you head out for your cleanup, be sure to:

  • wear gloves at all times and use cleanup supplies
  • not to pick up any litter that you don't feel comfortable handling, including dangerous item (e.g. syringes, broken glass, medical waste).
  • to stay mentally alert during your cleanup and only collect litter from safe areas, being mindful of traffic
  • not to enter ravine areas or near water channels and bodies of water.
  • to wear appropriate protective clothing and adjust depending on the weather (boots, rain jackets, hats, sunscreen).
  • to avoid over-exertion and take breaks when needed!
  • to avoid sick or dead wild birds or other wildlife, as they may be infected with diseases that can spread to humans. Pets should also be kept away from sick or dead wildlife and be kept on leashes. You can report any dead or ill geese to Vaughan Animal Services at 905-832-2281 or animal.services@vaughan.ca and staff will respond. Please do not touch the birds.


Where can I leave full garbage bags once we’re done cleaning?

Leave all your collected litter beside a City garbage bin within the park or greenspace. Do not leave garbage bags in fields, playgrounds or anywhere other than directly beside a City-owned garbage bin, unless otherwise approved in advance by the City.

What if I want to clean up elsewhere?

You are allowed- and encouraged - to clean your own properties or non-publicly owned land, but the City will not be responsible for picking up any excess litter that is collected. Cleanup kits can still be provided to you, but you would be responsible for the proper disposal of excess litter.


Green Guardians

By participating in 20-Minute Makeover, you have the opportunity to showcase pride for your home and you get to be a Green Guardian of your city. Green Guardians is the City of Vaughan’s environmental sustainability program, where citizens are encouraged to get involved with events and activities that promote environmental stewardship and keep Vaughan safe, clean and beautiful.


Additional ways to get involved

  • After you have participated in your cleanup event, you can continue participating in environmentally friendly and sustainable activities at home. Here are some additional tips and activities that can help you become even more environmentally conscious in your everyday activities: Review the 52 actions you can take to restore the Earth
  • Make a plan to create a native species or pollinator-friendly garden this growing season. Check out the City's Pollinator Projects website for tips on how to start.
  • Clean out your closet and donate used clothing instead of throwing them away.


Top five tips to keep Vaughan litter-free:

  1. Always recycle, compost or dispose of your waste responsibly by using the appropriate waste container.
  2. Do not overfill your blue box. Purchase additional boxes, if needed.
  3. on to your waste until you find a garbage receptacle or dispose of it at home.
  4. or say no to, single-use items and packaging.
  5. for reusable alternatives, where possible, like masks, containers, cups, mugs, bottles, bags, cutlery and straws.

Thank you to our 2024 20-Minute Makeover Donors