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The City of Vaughan’s archives house more than 600 collections dating from the early 1700s to the present day. Within these files are the stories of how Vaughan evolved from the traditional territories of the First Peoples of Turtle Island to the bustling city it has become. 


Let’s look back at our history and share the stories of the people, places and moments that helped shape the city we know today. This month’s feature is on the Vellore Junior Farmers’ Short Course.


In February 1930, the York County Junior Farmers’ Association hosted a week’s short course in Vellore. Short courses are specialized classes that aim to teach specific subjects in a short amount of time. The female members met in the Township Hall and males met in the basement of the nearby school. The course was organized by Archibald Cameron, Jack McNeil, Pass Keffer and R.E. White, who also served as the agricultural representative. 


This was the first agricultural short course in York County, and it was hailed as a success  a total of 73 participants registered, ranging in age from 15 to 40 years old. The association took part in several outings, including visiting the Parliament buildings in Toronto, the Laura Secord factory, Eaton’s department store (presently known as Toronto Eaton Centre) and a UFO. On some trips, participants were separated by gender – female students made visits to local homes to study house plants and decorating, while male students went on livestock judging excursions. Eventually, the female members organized the Vellore Junior Women’s Institute. 


The Vellore Junior Farmers’ Club, which was gender inclusive, first met in March 1930 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C.H. Rutherford. Stewart Rutherford was the first president of the club and Mary Constable was the first secretary. The club initially had 60 members, but attendance increased over time, growing to 100 members by 1938. 


The same year the club was organized, they held one of their first events a corn and hot dog roast in September. Events were held annually and included a church service on Mother’s Day, an ice cream social in July, a corn roast in August or early September and a visitor’s night in November, where five or six other local clubs were invited to join the festivities. 


Other club activities included entering the York County Dramatics Society, where members presented several three act plays, such as “The Valley Farm,” publishing the “Vellore Pep” newsletter and running a booth at the Woodbridge Fall Fair. 


The club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1980 but has since disbanded. 



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