Advancing MoveSmart into its third year

Road with Slow School Zone

Significant progress on this vital strategy is improving road safety in Vaughan

Just two years in and the City of Vaughan’s progressive MoveSmart Mobility Management Strategy is already transforming Vaughan’s transportation system by improving road safety and furthering active and sustainable travel initiatives to help meet existing and evolving transportation needs.


This one-of-a-kind, holistic strategy – best known as MoveSmart – was developed in response to Vaughan’s population growth and increase in travel demand in this thriving community. And significant progress is being made with 14 of its 29 priority initiatives moving forward and six more set to launch this year!


This update was shared with Vaughan Council on March 1, 2023, with further details outlined in this report.


Here is an overview of some of the projects completed or underway and the next steps the City will take for 2023:


Road Safety Program


The Road Safety Program is designed to create a culture of safety for all road users through partnerships and education. Elements of the program include:


  • Construction Management and Work Zone Safety Plan: The City will develop guidelines to minimize impacts and maximize safety for construction workers and the public.
  • Corridor Reviews: The City is undertaking six In-Service Road Safety and Corridor Operational Reviews (Corridor Reviews) in key urban and rural corridors in Vaughan throughout 2023.
  • Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Plan: As part of the Neighbourhood Traffic Calming Plan, the City is updating the existing Neighbourhood Traffic Committee Policy and Procedures (PDF) to establish revised guidelines for implementing traffic calming measures along new and existing roads in Vaughan. The guidelines will create a high-quality, people-oriented and sustainable built environment that continues promoting road safety. 
  • #SlowDownVaughan campaign: Launched in the fall of 2021, the campaign invites residents to post a #SlowDownVaughan sign on their lawn, in their windows or on social media to encourage the public to slow down while driving on City roads. To date, more than 5,700 signs have been picked up by residents at community centres, libraries and City-led events.
  • Speed Limit Policy: The City’s Speed Limit Policy launched in the summer of 2021 to set and adjust appropriate speed limits throughout the City’s street network to ensure a safe community for all road users and address growing urbanization. Highlights are as follows:
    • In September 2021, speed limits in school zone areas, including surrounding parks, walkways and open spaces, were reduced from 50 kilometres per hour to 40 kilometres per hour.
    • In December 2021, speed limits in all public laneways were reduced to 30 kilometres per hour from 50 kilometres per hour.
    • In September 2022, speed limits in five select neighbourhood areas, one within each ward, were reduced from 50 kilometres per hour to 40 kilometres per hour.
  • York Region’s Traveller Safety Plan: The City is working with York Region and road safety partners on a Traveller Safety Plan. The plan focuses on reducing traffic-related incidents and will help identify opportunities to build upon existing programs and introduce new strategies and tactics to improve safety for road users.  


Mobility Management Program


The Mobility Management Program uses innovative technology to modernize the City’s traffic signal system and ensure pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle traffic continue to travel safely and efficiently. The program contains:


  • Curbside Parking Management: The City will establish parking policies and procedures throughout the city.
  • Flexible In-Road Speed Management Program: This program incorporated more than 240 in-road flexi signs throughout Vaughan at select locations as a speed management measure to create a physical narrowing effect on roadways and encourage drivers to slow down.
  • Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Network: The City is advancing an ITS Network, which will allow staff to leverage the latest technologies (such as Bluetooth, CCTV cameras, sensors and radar) to improve safety and efficiency throughout Vaughan’s road network. This system will allow for centrally-managed traffic signals, collaboration, data sharing and signal control with York Region.
  • LED Streetlight Retrofit Program: The City has upgraded more than 25,000 streetlights from high-pressure sodium to light-emitting diode (LED) technology through the City-wide LED Streetlight Retrofit Program.
  • Pavement markings and signs: The City has piloted enhancements to pavement markings across Vaughan and used special stencilling in school zones and select neighbourhood areas that spell out reminders, such as “slow school zone” or “40 max slow.”
  • Traffic By-law Consolidation: The project team will work with By-law and Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services to consolidate the City’s road-related by-laws.
  • Traffic Signal Control System and Upgrades: This system will power the City’s 93 traffic signals and signalized pedestrian crossings, which will improve and modernize traffic signals and help manage congestion. The City has retrofitted 25 signalized intersections in 2022 with LED traffic signals, reflective backboards and pedestrian countdown timers to increase visibility and enhance pedestrian safety.


Sustainable Mobility Program


The Sustainable Mobility Program supports the planning and development of environmentally friendly modes of transportation for all road users. Elements of the program include:


  • Active School Travel: The Active School Travel program is being piloted in eight schools and the City is working with key stakeholders (York Region, York Region Catholic District School Board, York Region District School Board, York Region Public Health and York Regional Police) to educate and raise awareness about the benefits of active and sustainable travel.
  • Community Safety Zones: The City is developing guidelines to create community safety zones. Currently, there are 11 community safety zones in Vaughan with more expected to be added as part of this plan.
  • Pedestrian Infrastructure Enhancement Plan: The City will optimize and upgrade pedestrian infrastructure.
  • Safer School Zones Plan: The City has retained an independent consultant to develop a Safer School Zones Plan that includes policies, guidelines and standards to address parking, speeding, traffic circulation, pedestrian and cycling access in school zones.   
  • School Crossing Guard Program: The City retained a consultant to develop an exposure index for the City’s School Crossing Guard Program. The 2020 School Crossing Guard Policy utilizes the 2017 Ontario Traffic Council School Crossing Guard Guide as a framework for the warrant process, reflecting latest industry best practices, and relies on evidence-based data to determine school crossing guard locations.


Traffic Data Management Program


The Traffic Data Management Program allows the City to expand on the traffic data collected, optimize the efficiency and timeliness of the data, and enable data analysis tools and techniques. It includes:


  • The Traffic Data Management System: The City has acquired a Traffic Data Management System to integrate and exchange traffic information with local and regional road networks. The Traffic Data Management System will help City staff manage the transportation network more effectively and meet the city’s current and future traffic management needs.


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“The City of Vaughan is committed to being a fully connected and integrated community. MoveSmart, a first-of-its-kind road safety and mobility management strategy, is key to that commitment. It ensures all road users can efficiently and safely utilize the transportation network while identifying and promoting more sustainable transportation options for residents and visitors. With 14 of 29 initiatives moving forward as planned and six more launching this year, MoveSmart is advancing quickly in 2023. We will continue encouraging innovative strategies like MoveSmart because we need to keep Vaughan moving.”

- Mayor Steven Del Duca


“The City of Vaughan’s MoveSmart Mobility Strategy continues to introduce numerous road safety projects like targeted traffic calming initiatives in neighbourhoods, promoting active ways to travel to and from school and more. These measures provide safer and more flexible travel options for all road users – residents, students, cyclists and pedestrians – which is a high priority for the City, Members of Council and our community. I want to recognize, congratulate and thank every member of the Vaughan team who has contributed to the achievements made to date. MoveSmart is a team effort, and I look forward to everything that will be accomplished under this strategy in 2023.”

- Nick Spensieri, City Manager


“I am pleased to present the second annual MoveSmart Mobility Management Strategy Progress Report. In consulting with the community, York Region, York Regional Police, Public Health and York Region District and York Catholic District School Boards, we are collectively laser-focused on making road safety the top priority for all road users in Vaughan. As we build on this work year-round, we will continue improving technologies, policies and roadway designs needed to ensure Vaughan’s road network stays sustainable and accessible. I am proud of the progress made to date, and am excited to see how our work will evolve.  I want to thank the Transportation and Fleet Management Services Department and all City staff for their dedicated contributions to this strategy. Congratulations to everyone involved in this outstanding accomplishment.”

- Zoran Postic, Deputy City Manager, Public Works



  • The City of Vaughan is responsible for maintaining 2,200 kilometres of roads and 93 traffic signals, enabling 585,000 average daily trips throughout the city.
  • By 2031, Vaughan’s population is projected to increase by 36 per cent, while jobs are expected to grow by 18 per cent in the same period.
  • On Wednesday, March 10, 2021, Council endorsed MoveSmart, reinforcing the City’s commitment to Transportation and Mobility.
  • MoveSmart sets the direction and priorities for the next five years while ensuring an efficient, reliable, safe and sustainable transportation system for all citizens and business owners. The strategy will be reviewed and updated every five years. Progress on its implementation is reported annually to Council.
  • The MoveSmart Mobility Management Strategy was guided by input received from the public through a 2019 outreach program. More than 1,700 people were engaged in the outreach program, which gathered input on travel and road safety priorities and values, providing the City with extensive information on public transportation priorities.