Liquor License Permit


Business owners who plan to serve alcohol as part of an eating establishment must first purchase a Liquor Sales Licence from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO).  Applications for this licence may be submitted through the online portal, iAGCO.   To support your AGCO application, you will need several items from the municipal offices.    


Municipal Requirements

You will obtain the following items from the City of Vaughan:

  • An approved Zoning Clearance letter which notes the sale of liquor as a permitted use
  • Municipal Information Form
  • Agency Letter of Approval stating that the premises has passed a fire inspection  


You will obtain the following item from the Regional Municipality of York:  

  • Agency Letter of Approval stating that the premises has passed a health inspection.



  • Submit a Liquor Sales Licence application through iAGCO

  • Apply for a Zoning Search for Provincial Licence Clearance through the Building Standards Department and obtain a results letter stating that the sale of liquor is a permitted use.  This will act as your Agency Letter of Approval for Buildings.
  • Apply for a municipal Eating Establishment Licence through the By-Law, Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services Department.
  • The Office of the City Clerk will complete and submit a Municipal Information Form to the AGCO on your behalf.  This will only be done once you have the Zoning Clearance approval and an Eating Establishment licence.
  • The Fire and Rescue Services Department will contact you to schedule a fire inspection.  Upon a successful inspection, Fire and Rescue Services will provide you with an Agency Letter of Approval for Fire.
  • Contact York Region – Health Connection to arrange for a health inspection, and obtain the Agency Letter of Approval for Health
  • Submit the Agency Letters of Approval to the AGCO.



Zoning Clearance application: $226.00

Fire Inspection of Premises: $245.00

Municipal Information Form: $53.13

Total: $524.13.  This amount is due at the time of applying for your zoning clearance.  Does not include fee for municipal business licence.

Contact Information

Office of the City Clerk

Vaughan City Hall
2141 Major Mackenzie Dr.
Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1