About Vaughan Transportation Plan

A place to live, work and play


Home to more than 335,000 residents and 12,000 businesses, the City of Vaughan is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Canada. It is one of the top 10 largest cities in Ontario with a diverse multicultural population. The city has distinct character areas that include residential neighbourhoods, the emerging Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, family-friendly tourist attractions and parks, rural and urban communities and noteworthy areas within the Greenbelt and Oak Ridges Moraine. Rapid transit investments, including the subway extension to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Bus Rapid Transit construction on Highway 7, will accommodate additional growth by changing how people travel while transforming the city from a suburban municipality to a world-class city.


Current situation 


The City of Vaughan is expected to grow. To meet the needs of more people and jobs, the City is preparing a new Growth Management Strategy which includes updating the City’s Official Plan. One important part of the Growth Management Strategy is the new Vaughan Transportation Plan.


As a result of growth, more people will need to travel around the City. The increased number of people travelling will strain our existing transportation system of roads, transit, cycling paths and sidewalks. To help ensure smooth, safe and efficient travel options, the Vaughan Transportation Plan will investigate alternatives, such as new cycling infrastructure, better use of technology and new roads, to improve the quality of travel for the City’s current and future residents, businesses and visitors.


Mobilizing mobility


The new Vaughan Transportation Plan study aims to support current and future residents, businesses and visitors by providing high-quality, attractive and sustainable travel choices. The City has traditionally focused on strategic road improvements to support growth and development. History and research show that a road-centric strategy forces people to drive more, contributing to the potential for congestion. The VTP will build on the foundation laid by the 2012 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) and continue to identify new road links and transportation options to improve mobility in Vaughan.


At the same time, the plan will prepare the city for new trends and travel patterns that have emerged since the 2012 TMP and will recommend improvements to create a complete transportation system, such as pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, and ways to accommodate innovative technologies that will vastly improve the travel alternatives available to residents and businesses if they choose not to drive.