VMC Secondary Plan Project Updates

The City of Vaughan has retained a consulting team led by Gladki Planning Associates and supported by DTAH, Greenberg Consultants and Parcel Economics to undertake the VMC Secondary Plan update. The study began in September 2020 and is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2023.

Phase one

As part of phase one, a comprehensive review of existing policies, initiatives, development studies and background reports was undertaken to understand the VMC’s opportunities and challenges. In November 2020, the public was invited to participate in an online survey to share their thoughts and experiences within the VMC and provide ideas about the area’s future. As a result, the project vision and guiding principles were established. Phase one was completed and presented to the VMC Sub-Committee in March 2021. Here is a summary of phase one:


Phase two

During phase two, the public was invited to attend a live, virtual community meeting in May 2022 and participate in an online idea-generating exercise to address the opportunities and challenges identified in phase one by gathering feedback on two different land use options. Phase two was completed and presented to the VMC Sub-Committee in June 2021. Here is a summary of phase two:


Phase three

Now in phase three, you are invited to review the preferred option and learn how the City incorporated your ideas by reviewing the draft framework.


An in-person Open House was held on Sept. 14, thank you to those who attended. You can review the Open House presentation online. 


Project Timeline

View the project phases (PDF)