VMC Secondary Plan Project Updates

The City of Vaughan has retained a consulting team, led by Gladki Planning Associates, supported by DTAH, Greenberg Consultants and Parcel Economics, to undertake the VMC Secondary Plan (VMCSP) Update. The contract was awarded in August 2020 and work began on the secondary plan update in September 2020. The study is targeted for completion in 2023, and will be brought forward with the City’s new official plan.

As part of Phase 1– ‘Background and Issues’, a comprehensive review of existing policies, initiatives, development, studies and background reports was undertaken to understand the VMC's opportunities and challenges. Consultation with landowners, stakeholders, and the public was completed to help define a set of priority issues that would set the foundation for Phase 2. Phase 1 was completed and presented to the VMC Sub-Committee on March 2, 2021. A summary of the Phase 1 work is available at the following links:



The secondary plan update is currently in Phase 2 – ‘Prepare and Develop Land Use Options’, which utilized the priority issues identified from Phase 1 to develop preliminary land use options. The land use options that have been developed address the challenges and constraints, and take into account fixed and variable elements, such as approved and proposed development, the natural heritage network, roads and highways under the jurisdiction of other levels of government, etc., and balance this with development interest to deliver on Council’s vision of an exceptional downtown and complete community. A summary of the Phase 2 work is available at the following links:



VMCSP Project Timeline*

​*Subject to change

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