About Kleinburg Village Improvements

The Kleinburg Village core (“Kleinburg Village”) is a picturesque and historic village located within Ward 1 of the city of Vaughan. Supported by the Kleinburg Business Improvement Area (KBIA), Kleinburg is home to more than 60 retail and service businesses, as well as schools, libraries, parks and art galleries.

The Kleinburg Village Improvements and Streetscaping Project includes the design of the area as outlined in the Village of Kleinburg, which is defined in the Village of Kleinburg: Islington Avenue Streetscape Master Plan Study (PDF). The study area extends along Islington Avenue, in the public right-of-way, from Major Mackenzie Drive, north to Highway 27, and also along Nashville Road from Highway 27 to Islington Avenue. Islington Avenue is a significant route as it serves as the main entrance to Kleinburg Village and expands through the village core.


There was an extensive review of the infrastructure in Kleinburg Village to prioritize what needed to be completed and in what order – including watermain replacement, road reconstruction and enhancements, such as additional trees, art in public spaces and areas that encourage walking and cycling.


In 1999, the City of Vaughan issued a Request for Proposal for consultants to conduct a Streetscape Plan Study for the Kleinburg Village. The Islington Streetscape Master Plan study adopts a comprehensive and integrated approach toward the design of public space. The study is a co-ordinated effort combining recommendations from the public with existing and potential site conditions. It is based on the principle that urban spaces play an important role in the strengthening of community’s social and economic life.


The streetscape design guidelines will include an area that:

  • promotes walking, cycling and transit use.
  • reduces conflicts between pedestrians and vehicles.
  • supports daily community life and events.
  • captures inspirational, educational and heritage elements.
  • increases tree coverage.


Once the improvements are complete, the changes made through the streetscape plan study and design guidelines will support existing and future residents and businesses in Kleinburg Village for years to come.

In addition, where possible, various underground infrastructure enhancements – road rehabilitation, watermain replacements – will be completed at the same time to maintain a state of good repair with a focus on minimizing future disruptions.