Section 37 of the Planning Act permits municipalities to pass a by-law authorizing increases in height and density of development beyond what is permitted in the relevant zoning by-law in exchange for “facilities, services or matters” set out in the by-law. The City may require the owner to enter into agreements with the municipality regarding the facilities, services or matters being provided and these agreements may be registered on title.

Policy within Volume 1 of VOP 2010 is the policy that pertains to Section 37 of the Planning Act. In addition, within Volume 2 of VOP 2010 there are Section 37 policies within some Secondary Plans.

Seeking comments on Amendments to the “Guidelines for the Implementation of Section 37 of the Planning Act” by May 29, 2019.

In accordance with Section 37 of the Planning Act, Vaughan Council may authorize an increase in building height and/or density in return for the provision of community financial benefits.

In 2015, Vaughan City Council approved the “Guidelines for the Implementation of Section 37 of the Planning Act":

The purpose of the Guidelines is to:

  • Identify which developments will be eligible for consideration of a Section 37 requirement; and
  • Describe the process for negotiating Section 37 Agreements

In working with the Guidelines for the past four years, City Staff determined improvements can be made, as well as amendments to enhance the document’s readability. See Links below for proposed amendments.

The City is seeking comments or suggestions with respect to the proposed Guidelines amendments.

Please review and provide any comments or suggestions by May 29, 2019 emailed or addressed to:

Alex Di Scipio, MES; Planner 1

905-832-2281, ext. 8259 -

City of Vaughan - Policy Planning and Environmental Sustainability

2141 Major Mackenzie Drive, Vaughan, ON L6A 1T1


Respondents shall be provided comments on next steps and further circulations. If you do not have comments; however, wish to remain on the Section 37 Guidelines circulation, please request this through Alex Di Scipio.

The Department's objective is to present a revised Guidelines for Council approval by December 2019.