Parks Infrastructure Planning and Development

Through collaboration with residents and stakeholders, Parks Infrastructure Planning and Development is committed to providing an innovative, accessible, sustainable and safe Parks and Open Space system that fosters physical activity, health and wellness for all citizens while meeting the City's strategic parkland objectives.


The Parks Infrastructure Planning and Development department consists of three divisions that work closely with internal and external project stakeholders to plan, design, construct and renew parks and open space areas to ensure the long-term sustainability of the City's greenspace infrastructure.


The Parks Planning division is responsible for land use planning, strategic planning, policies, bylaws and guidelines that establish the City’s parks and open space service levels, including securing new parkland through the development approval process.


The Parks Delivery Division undertakes capital project planning, design, construction, contract administration and inspection for new park and open space development and park facility renewal.

The North Maple Regional Park (NMRP) Division leads all aspects of planning, design and delivery to implement the 900-acre vision for NMRP.


Collectively, the work of the department helps ensure the continued and sustainable provision of active and passive outdoor recreational and nature experiences that are consistent with developing integrated, complete and livable communities, while meeting the City’s planning and growth management strategic objectives.


Contact Information

Parks Infrastructure, Planning and Development

Vaughan City Hall, Level 300
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