Service Connections

Application for Service Connection 


Residential - City Streets
For service connections on City streets residents must apply to the City of Vaughan, Development Engineering Department in order to obtain a cost estimate.


Residential - Regional Roads
For service connections on Regional roads residents must apply for a permit from York Region prior to the above procedure.


Industrial  / Commercial - City Streets
These types of connections require the approval of the City of Vaughan Development Engineering  Department prior to making your application.  After making your application you will receive a cost estimate.


Industrial  / Commercial - Regional Roads
Service connections on Regional roads require the approval of York Region and the City of Vaughan's Development Engineering Department. After making your application to Development Engineering Department you will receive a cost estimate.


For further information please contact the Development Engineering Department or request a cost estimate by completing the Service Request Form along with drawings showing the extent of the works and submitting it to us by email at

Service Connection

Service Connection