Ratepayer Groups and Community Associations

A ratepayer or community association is an organization formed by a group of residents in a defined area that come together to address issues affecting its neighbourhood, such as traffic congestion, new proposed developments and safety concerns. Some of these associations are registered with the City of Vaughan.

Ratepayer Groups and Community Associations

Register a Ratepayer Group


How does a ratepayer or community association register with the City of Vaughan?

A ratepayer or community association can register with the City of Vaughan by completing a Ratepayer Group or Community Association Registration Form(On-line) or submitting a Ratepayer Group or Community Association Registration Form (PDF) and adhereing to the Community Service Organization (CSO) Policy, Section 7 (Registered Ratepayer Associations).


Click here for the complete Registration Package (PDF).


In order to be eligible as a Registered Ratepayer Association CSO, the applying group must meet the following minimum eligibility criteria:

  • Completed Registration Form with the name of the association, list of Executive Officers, contact information, and boundary lines (if applicable)
  • AGM minutes
  • A list of a minimum of 25 members, with names and addresses included (100% of the membership by residents of Vaughan and/or landowners).
  • The Association’s statement of purpose, as well as their constitution and by-laws


Ratepayer Group Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked ratepayer group questions below.


Registered associations appear in the City of Vaughan Registry of Community and Ratepayer Associations. A copy of the registry may be obtained by contacting clerks@vaughan.ca. Associations can operate even if they are not registered with the City. Non-registered associations can be actively involved in community issues and are entitled to appear as deputants at standing committees of Council and/or submit written comments on behalf of the residents represented.


All registered ratepayer groups/community associations must register on an annual basis and, at that time, must provide any changes in Executive Officers.


Please contact the Office of the City Clerk at clerks@vaughan.ca.