Individually Designated and LSHS Properties

Individually Designated Properties

These are properties that have been individually designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, Part IV for a specific reason such as historical or cultural.  Every designation will have a specific By-Law which details the reasons for the designation.   


Owners planning on changes to your designated property, are required to refer to their specific designation by-law and may require Heritage Vaughan Committee recommendation. 


See the list of Individually Designated Properties in Vaughan.​


Listing of Properties of Architectural and Historical Significance


The properties on the Listing of Property of Architectural and Historical Significance  (LSHS) are identified as having some historical significance , but are not designated.  As a result, these properties have some protection under the Ontario Heritage Act ( Part IV Section 27) : 

• The City may ask for a Cultural Heritage Impact Assessment as part of a complete application.

• Property owners must provide City Council with at least 60 days’ notice in writing of the intention to demolish or remove the building or structure. This allows the City time to either designate the property to protect it from demolition, or to permit the demolition or removal of the building or structure from the property.