Heritage Permits and Clearances

Learn more about the requirements surrounding properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Heritage Permit

Properties located within Heritage Conservation Districts (HCD) and Individually Designated Properties are designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.


A Heritage Permit is required for any work that changes the appearance of these properties.  This includes the entire property and any additional structures located within.


A Heritage Permit is obtained through a successful Heritage Review.

Heritage Review

The scope of the Heritage Review is determined by the designation of the property (either a property in a Heritage Conservation District or an Individually Designated Property) and what is being proposed.


The stages of a Heritage Review:

  1. Cultural Heritage staff analyze the proposed project (this can be done in conjunction with a Planning Application)
  2. Heritage Vaughan Committee review the project
  3. Recommendation from Heritage Vaughan Committe to Council for approval
  4. A Heritage Permit is prepared and provided to the Applicant by Cultural Heritage staff with Council approval


Some examples of work requiring a Heritage Review:   

  • All additions and alterations to any structures on the property    
  • Demolition of structures on the property
  • All new construction 
  • Landscaping and/or alteration of the property (including grading and tree removals)
  • Change in window or door openings and / or replacement of windows or doors
  • Removal and/or installation of porches, verandahs, canopies, cladding and chimneys 
  • Change in trim, cladding and painting of building exterior 
  • Removal and/or installation of a deck, fence, gate, trellis, arbours and/or gazebos 


A Heritage Review may require the applicant provide the following (depending on the location and scope of the project):

  • Full description of all works proposed
  • Context Plan
  • Photographs (current and/or historic)
  • Boundary Plan of Survey
  • Topographic Survey
  • Arborist Report, Tree Inventory and Assessment, Tree Preservation Plan
  • Site Plan
  • Site and Building Elevations (existing and proposed)
  • Site and Building Sections
  • 1:50 scale Detailed Building Elevations
  • Proposed Materials and Methodology
  • Colour Perspective Drawings
  • Landscape and Lighting Plan and Landscape Details
  • Grading Plan
  • Building Code Review/ Building Code Matrix/ Heritage Architect Review
  • Letter of Authorization


The following reports may be required and are to be completed by a heritage professional with expertise relating to the subject heritage resource.  Staff will notify the applicant if any of the following are required:


Please note that a satisfactory Heritage Review does not signify approval from other City Departments.​


Heritage Clearance

A Heritage Clearance is required prior to any Demolition Permit being issued by the City of Vaughan. Please provide a Heritage Clearance form and one copy of a survey or a site plan clearly identifying the building that will be demolished.


Heritage Clearance is also required for any topsoil or soil removal. 


Maintenance of a Heritage Property

If the scope or scale of the proposed conservation work to a heritage resource does not require Site Development Approval or a Building Permit approval, (such as, brick cleaning and repointing, or work of this category listed in the related Heritage Conservation District Plan).

The following would be sufficient for a Cultural Heritage Review:

           A letter from the owner (or the hired contractor) describing:

           1. the scope of work

           2. methodology

           3. materials and product specifications