Where would you like to see refreshment vehicles in Vaughan?

People lining outside a food truck at night

Take our survey and share your thoughts! 


Have you ever visited a park in your community and wished there was somewhere to grab a quick snack or get a drink? Now is your chance to have a say! The City of Vaughan wants to hear from you if any changes should be made to the Business Licensing By-law (PDF) regarding where and when refreshment vehicles can conduct business in Vaughan.


Refreshment vehicles, also known as mobile food or beverage vendors, are self-contained vehicles or trailers that are equipped to prepare and serve food, snacks, beverages or other refreshments to customers. They can include anything from food trucks and ice cream trucks to coffee carts, hot dog stands and bicycle ice cream carts, providing a variety of culinary options on the go.


Residents, restaurant owners and refreshment vehicle owners and operators are invited to take an online survey until Sunday, Oct. 8 to share their opinions. Your input will help the City to evaluate the current regulations and potential licensing changes related to refreshment vehicles, including:

  • specific areas or physical spaces where these vehicles can operate.
  • time of day these vehicles can operate.


Visit the City’s Refreshment Vehicle webpage to learn more about the rules, regulations and licensing requirements for these type of businesses. 


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