Resident recognized for volunteerism and leadership

City of Vaughan
Ward 4 Civic Hero Award presented to Maya Goldenberg

As a long-time Vaughan resident, Dr. Maya Goldenberg has dedicated herself to volunteering for a number of organizations to ensure the community is involved and represented in the city’s growth and development. Vaughan Council presented Dr. Goldenberg with the Ward 4 Civic Hero Award today as her long list of contributions was celebrated.
In 2009, she founded the Thornhill Woods Community Association and served as the president of the ratepayers’ group for almost five years. During that time, she represented the needs of the neighbourhood and brought issues to the attention of Council.
Last year, Dr. Goldenberg sat on the Canada150 Task Force and was responsible for helping to develop recommendations for the recognition of Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation on July 1, 2017, and throughout the commemorative year.
Currently, Dr. Goldenberg serves on the Vaughan Public Library Board, which is responsible for the delivery of library services in Vaughan. She is an avid proponent for libraries – she was influential in lobbying for a library in the North Thornhill Community Centre and rallied community support to have the Pleasant Ridge Library included in the 2013 budget.
“It is great when residents take an active role in the city and use their passion to make an extraordinary impact on our city. Through her many roles volunteering for various organizations, Dr. Maya Goldenberg has demonstrated the power to influence positive change. She understands that strong communities are built when people come together for the collective good. As a champion for her community, Dr. Goldenberg is helping to improve our quality of life and contributing to what makes Vaughan the place to be.”
-Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua
“The citizens in Thornhill and the entire city of Vaughan are fortunate to have Dr. Maya Goldenberg as a resident. Her commitment to our city is commendable. Her leadership with the Thornhill Woods Community Association has helped to give a voice to the members, and her volunteer work with the City has benefited everyone in Vaughan. Her hard work and enthusiasm were instrumental in obtaining the support required to have the Pleasant Ridge Library approved, and I thank her for her past contributions and ongoing efforts.”
-Ward 4 Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco
  • The Civic Hero Award is presented annually to residents from each of Vaughan’s five wards.
  • The awards recognize outstanding achievement and individual contributions to the community.


  • City of Vaughan Civic Hero Awards webpage