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Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

Share your accessibility story to inform Vaughan’s Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

The City of Vaughan is developing its 2023 to 2027 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan – and there’s still time for you to get involved! Have you ever experienced some form of barrier that prevented you from doing everyday-life tasks, like carrying out work or household responsibilities, or engaging in social activities? Share your story with us until Sunday, April 2 to help create a more inclusive and accessible city.


The City’s goal is to create an accessible community by 2025 – and this plan will help achieve that. The updated plan will build on the success of the 2019 to 2022 Accessibility Plan (PDF) and further the City’s commitment to create a barrier-free community with universal access to its programs, services and facilities. In doing so, the City is ensuring people at any age and ability are treated in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. The plan will achieve this by outlining the various activities and initiatives the City will undertake to support accessibility, including implementing new programs and services, creating accessible play spaces, using accessible technology, implementing accessible employment practices and achieving additional Rick Hansen Gold Accessibility Certifications.


We need your help to inform this plan.


Share your accessibility story

Have you experienced barriers in routine tasks, work or household responsibilities, or enjoying leisure, recreational and social activities? Whether it’s a broken bone, mental-health related, a chronic health condition, substance dependence, a learning disability, neurodivergence like ADHD or autism, seizures, or pregnancy, to name only a few, it’s inevitable that you, a loved one or someone you know well, are confronting the obstacles and frustrations that result from having a disability. How did you manage? What could help make the situation better in the future? What would you like the City to learn from your experiences? Share your accessibility story with us until Sunday, April 2. Get started at


Check the project webpage often as there will be several chances for you to give input throughout 2023. You can also email to join a mailing list and receive updates and information about these opportunities.


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