Five city-building projects supported through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund

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Revitalizing neighbourhoods, one project at a time! The City of Vaughan is making its communities more accessible, beautiful and enjoyable – with help from the Government of Canada, through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario). The funding was through a national initiative to help communities build and improve infrastructure and reanimate public areas. The City received non-repayable contributions worth more than $2 million to enhance local parks and gardens city-wide. 


The following Vaughan projects received funding and are now open to the public:  


  • The Keele Street Multi-Use Pathway – An accessible pedestrian and cycling pathway has been created along Keele Street, extending from Teston Road to Kirby Road. Located at the gateway to North Maple Regional Park, the City’s signature 900-acre park, it enables residents and visitors access to the park and trail network. The multi-use pathway now has appropriate pavement width, markings and signage, as well as tactile strips, curb cuts and push buttons at intersections. The pathway was completed in August 2023. 


  • Parks and Sensory Gardens  The four existing community playgrounds at Pierre Elliot Trudeau Park, Ramsey Armitage Park, Sherwood Park and West Crossroads Park have been retrofitted to become more inclusive and accessible. Upgrades included replacing the existing sand surfaces with wood fibre chips to ensure barrier-free access. In addition, two sensory gardens have been planted within the J.E.H. MacDonald House and the Shining Through Centre at Vaughan Grove Sports Park. Sensory gardens are designed using plants and materials that stimulate one’s sense of sight, smell, touch, taste and sound, benefiting individuals with sensory processing issues, including autism. These parks and sensory gardens were completed in May 2023.


  • Pierre Berton Heritage Centre and Civic Centre Parking Lot Revitalization – Upgrades to the Pierre Berton Heritage Centre's parking lot were completed to provide accessible public parking infrastructure along Kleinburg’s historic main street, along with the revitalization of the Civic Centre Parking Lot at Vaughan City Hall. The parking lots were completed in March 2023.


The following projects along Woodbridge Avenue also received funding and are nearing completion:


  • Woodbridge Avenue Streetscape – As part of the City’s Woodbridge Avenue Improvements and Streetscaping Project, federal funding is being used to help beautify Woodbridge Avenue and improve infrastructure between Islington Avenue and Kipling Avenue. Upgrades underway include expanding the boulevard to add more landscaping, seating, pedestrian spaces, cycling facilities and transit options. This project will be completed in the coming months.  


  • Woodbridge Library Entrance Renovation – To be undertaken once construction is completed on Woodbridge Avenue, the entrance of the Woodbridge Library and interior staircase will be redesigned and extended to improve functionality, safety and accessibility. This renovation is anticipated to be completed by October 2024.


This funding is one of many innovative financial solutions the City pursues to help support municipal programs, projects and services without relying on the City’s tax base. In 2022 alone, the City secured $9.1 million in non-tax revenue through grants, advertising, sponsorships and donations. Alternative revenue generation supports the City in maintaining one of the lowest property tax rates in the Greater Toronto Area, and solidifying Vaughan’s status as a city of choice with a high quality of life and enhanced resident services. Learn more at



"The City of Vaughan has a longstanding commitment to creating accessible, welcoming and inclusive communities. And through the funding we received from the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario, we can continue to deliver on this promise. Together with the Government of Canada, we are making our local parks more accessible, creating sensory gardens that benefit individuals with sensory processing issues, increasing parking in key business and retail areas, adding cycling and pedestrian facilities along municipal roads, helping to beautify public spaces and much more. These community-building projects enhance the quality of life for all residents. The positive and meaningful impacts will be recognized for generations to come. I want to express my appreciation to the Government of Canada for its ongoing support to enhance our incredible community."

- Mayor Steven Del Duca 


“Creating beautiful, welcoming communities adds enormous benefit to residents, visitors and the businesses they support. Our government supports the City of Vaughan in this project to expand recreational spaces, and improve accessibility to boost the physical and mental health of its residents.”

- The Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario


“The investment of more than $2 million by the federal government through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario in the city of Vaughan is positively impacting the lives of both residents and visitors. By building and enhancing community centres, parks and trails, we are making sure that families, workers and newcomers can enjoy our beautiful community without any barriers, thereby improving their physical and mental health.”

- Francesco Sorbara, Member of Parliament for Vaughan–Woodbridge



  • The City of Vaughan received more than $2 million through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario to enhance five major projects city-wide.
  • The awarded projects include the North Maple Regional Park Gateway Pedestrian and Cycling Pathway, Parks and Sensory Gardens, the Pierre Berton Heritage Centre and Civic Centre Parking Lot, the Woodbridge Avenue Streetscape and the Woodbridge Library Entrance Renovation.