Renovators, Fence Installers, Paver, Landscapers and Pool Installers

The following businesses require a licence to operate in the City:  


  • Fence Installer
  • Landscaper
  • Paver
  • Pool Installer
  • Renovator
  • Snowplow Contractor
Collage of two fences, a lawnmower mowing grass and a man laying grass

Options to apply


1. On the Licensing Portal:

2. In person or by mail to:

By-Law and Compliance, Licensing & Permit Services
Vaughan City Hall, Level 100 
2141 Major Mackenzie Dr.
Vaughan, ON  L6A 1T1


3. Via the drop-boxes located at the entrances of Vaughan City Hall. Via the drop-boxes located at the entrances of Vaughan City Hall.


4. By e-mail to:, along with scanned copies of required documentation.

Please ensure the application or e-mail indicates a contact phone number
for staff to collect payment.

If submitting your application by mail or via the drop-box, please enclose payment in the form of a cheque made payable to the City of Vaughan. If submitting your application via e-mail, please ensure the application or accompanying message indicate a contact name and phone number for our staff to collect payment.


General by-law guide for renovators, fence installers, pavers, landscapers and pool installers


View this guide to learn about the various applicable legislation, permits and City resources.


Which businesses need a licence


If you perform any of the activities outlined in the City’s Licensing By-law 315-2005 under the renovator, fence installer, paver, landscaper and pool installer business categories, you are required to be licensed. Examples of these activities include: 


  • alteration, repair, or renovation of buildings or structures
  • installation of swimming pools or hot tub
  • installing fences, bannisters or rails, including pool enclosures
  • paving, resurfacing, repairing or sealing driveways or parking Lots on private property, which may include municipal boulevards adjacent to such private property
  • creating, altering or maintaining “soft landscaping” which refers to vegetation, and “hard landscaping”, such as patio stones, concrete, decorative architectural structures or non-horticultural elements
  • persons who solicit or advertise any of the above activities, or who hold themselves out to the public as performing any of these activities


For example, the following would require a City of Vaughan licence:


  • carpenters
  • framers
  • roofers
  • painters
  • tile setters
  • tree removal companies


Which businesses do not need a licence


Some persons do not require a City of Vaughan contractor licence, such as persons: 


  • who are employed by a licensed renovator, fence installer, paver, landscaper and pool installer, but who do not perform work outside of their employment
  • whose principle business is to construct new buildings covered by Tarion
  • in trades which are licensed or otherwise certified by provincial legislation 


For example, homebuilders, electricians and plumbers do not require a City of Vaughan licence.


Note for Pool Installers


As per the Fence By-law, property owners are required to obtain a Swimming Pool Enclosure permit and erect adequate temporary fencing prior to installing a pool.  As per the Licensing By-law, Pool Installers are required to verify that the property owner has a permit and not to excavate the ground or construct the pool if adequate temporary fencing is not in place. 


For full details, review these by-laws, and their amendments, in the By-law Library.




This licence requires a photo of the applicant to be submitted, as described here. You can apply on the Licensing Portal, or in-person, by mail, drop-box or email using the application form below. 


Fence Installer, Landscaper, Paver, Pool Installer, Renovator, and Snowplow Contractor Application (PDF)



  2023 2023 2024 2024
Fee Initial Renewal Initial Renewal
​Fence installer ​$502 ​$221 ​$536 ​$236
​Landscaper ​$502 ​$221 ​$536 ​$236
Paver ​$502 ​$221 ​$536 ​$236
Pool Installer ​$502 ​$221 ​$536 ​$236
Renovator ​$502 ​$221 ​$536 ​$236
Snow plow contractor ​$502 ​$221 ​$536 ​$236
Vehicle placard $8   $9  

The following reductions may apply to fees: 


  • Contractors who are members of a City-approved professional association (CAPA) may be eligible for a 20 per cent discount.

  • Contractors who hold an equivalent licence in another municipality may qualify for a reduced initial fee.


Consumer and employee protection measures


 Licensees are required to undertake several consumer and employee protection measures, such as:  


  • Providing services in compliance with all relevant City by-laws, regulations and related decisions
  • Carrying a minimum of $2 million in commercial general liability insurance coverage for their work 
  • Providing a list of all relevant City by-laws and required permits to a customer in writing prior to providing a written contract
  • Providing a written contract to their customers, specifying the work that will be performed and the payment schedule, prior to accepting any payments
  • Displaying their business name and licence number on a placard issued by the City on the dashboard of their business vehicles, as well as on any signs or advertising, where permitted.